6 Tips to Keeping the Clean House Seven Days a Week



Have you ever wished a week had eight days because it is impossible to dust the entire house in seven days? Well, it’s not time that you lack but rather proper cleaning techniques. If you use the right solution and cleaning methods, you will clean the interior and the exterior of your house much faster, leaving more room for work and leisure time. The trick is to perform most of these 6 activities on a daily basis for a spotlessly clean house.

1. Make the Bed Every Morning

You know how military men, including our
Diggers, must make their bed right after they get up because their superiors will inspect the sheets? Well, they don’t perform this duty because of hygienic reasons as much as they are being trained in responsibility. Cleaning the house might not require the same level of military discipline but you can ape this bed-making ritual.

We are not saying that you don’t make your bed every day but you probably do it at different times. From now on, start straightening the sheets immediately after you get up. Not only will you become more disciplined in personal life but you won’t have run frantically to make the bed if you hear that some guests are coming over.

2. A Family Cleanup

Do you know what’s better than having one pair of hands? Having several pairs of hands! Presuming that you don’t live alone, you can get the entire family to help with the cleanup. This refers to the youngest and the oldest members alike because they can all be assigned with specific tasks. Your kids can be taught that cleaning is fun and that’s a sort of a game of its own, while the elderly can help with tips for homemade cleaning solutions, for instance. Even if the children are not overenthusiastic about the upcoming cleaning spree, you can still instruct them not to leave a mess after playtime is over.

3. Getting Pros on Board

Before we continue, we must point out that cleaning the house every day does not account for major cleanups. For instance, you need to clean all the windows in a single go after the autumnal storms typical to many parts of Australia blow sand onto window panes.

If you own a stately residence, then this task is outright daunting so you should solicit the help of professional cleaning agencies. For instance,
hiring cleaning services in Sydney is rather inexpensive considering the time and effort you would invest if you cleaned all the windows on your own. The same goes for all the other major cleanups, like the spring cleanup.

4. A Bedtime Cleanup

Speaking of short cleaning sprees, the best time to perform them is before bedtime. Most of the nights you are probably too tired to keep your eyes open but a 15-minute cleanup is just the thing you need before hitting the sack. This would include cleaning the dishes or a quick dusting and in general, this before bedtime cleaning serves the purpose of getting rid of the clutter produced that day. Since cleaning is a no brainer, only your body will get tired so you’ll have no trouble falling to sleep faster.

5. What Are “High Traffic Areas?”

A typical Australian home features a living room in the middle of the structure and this is also the social hub of the house. However, there are areas in the house that are more passed through than others, better known as high traffic areas. These “zones,” sort to say, are responsible not only for generating the most muck, dust, and dirt, but they are the area that
clutter is most likely to appear. Apart from the living room, high traffic areas are the hallways and dining area. Clearly identifying these areas inside your house means that you will know which parts need to cleaning the most often.

6. Ditch Perfection

One of the most common mistakes people who never seem to have time to clean the house make is to strive for perfection. Our final piece of advice is never to go for “immaculately clean” but rather for “clean enough.” The rooms you clean today will get soiled tomorrow of the day after, so there is no point in achieving perfection.

The secret to all of the 6 tips listed here is to perform them more or less
every day. Once you dust and scrub on a daily basis, even it was only for 15 minutes, your house will appear cleaner in no time. 


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  1. These activities are very simple and anyone can do them, thanks for sharing this in public, man! Will definitely implement these tips to my Los Angeles house cleaning activities everyday.

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