All the Health Benefits of Using a Bidet



Bidets have long ago stopped being just another oddity that you talk about upon returning from a trip to Europe, the Middle East or Japan. A bidet is slowly becoming a standard bathroom fixture in the West as well. The reason for their introduction into our water rooms is the fact that they are easy and fun to use and they come with several health benefits. We’ll list just a couple of them here and leave you to discover the rest on your own.

Improving General Lavatory Hygiene

Have you ever thought about how nasty it is to rub a piece of recycled paper against your bottom? Well, a bidet eliminates this scenario altogether as it entirely does away with the use of toilet paper. In fact, skin to skin contact is soothing for your bottom, as there is no longer a chance of irritation. We all know how important it is for a
mother to have skin to skin contact with her child, for instance. Going back to the bidet, everyone can benefit from this increase in hygiene but people who have irritable skin stand to profit the most.

Preventing the Skin From Being Irritated

Those of us who have sensitive skin that is easily irritable have switched to bidets and could not imagine using the toilet in any other way. Furthermore, people with hemorrhoids also find using the bathroom as a painful task. For them, a bidet is virtually a lifeline, as using toilet paper is a proper method of torture. Not even toilet paper made 100% from celluloses can prevent the skin from being irritated, not to mention that such paper rolls cost extra!

Improved Mobility

We might not realize it right now but when we grow old, every turning around the axis of our body becomes painful. Cleaning our bottom after using the toilet is an act of acrobatics that seniors find nothing attractive about, especially if they have hip problems. In fact, they are often unable to use the bathroom without assistance unless the bathroom features a bidet.

Pregnant women have the same problem, as they find it nearly impossible to turn around without pants. The problems with using the toilet do not end there. After childbirth, their intimate parts are extra irritable so wiping them using toilet paper can cause a lot of pain. The bidet comes in handy since its jets of warm water are soothing for women who have just given childbirth.

There Is More Than One Type of a Bidet

As we can read at
Bidets Online website, there are different types of bidets, attachments, seats, as well as portable bidets. You have the option to entirely replace the toilet bowl or you can install a bidet in the form of a toilet seat onto the existing bowl.

Furthermore, bidet seats can be electronic or non-electronic; the latter offering such advanced functions as massage or a seat warmer. Heck, there are even colourful in-bowl LED lights that are powerful enough to light up the entire bathroom.

As mentioned earlier, portable bidets come in the form of attachments that are small in size and can be hooked up to the conventional toilet bowl of any size. This comes in handy when you travel to another country and want to use a bowl different from the standard ones.

Bidets Are Constantly Improving

We feel obliged to say that some people still have the bleak image of a bidet as resembling more of a guillotine than a modern bathroom fixture. Although it originated in medieval France, the modern bidet is nothing like the awkward wooden contraption it was half a millennia ago. As you have seen from the above paragraph, bidets are sleek in design and have more amenities than your typical toilet bowl has. However, its biggest advantage is the streams of warm water that shoot from inside the bowl.

More Money, Less Stress

Finally, switching to a bidet will bring mental and financial relief. Ditching toilet paper doesn’t only mean that your skin will be less irritated but that you’ save hundreds of dollars annually. Toilet paper is
bad for the environment and your home budget, damaging both. If your family starts using the bidet, you will only be left with paper kitchen towels that make up as little as a fifth of your total household consumption of paper, copy paper included.

As you probably realize by now, the use of a bidet comes with several health benefits. For once, your skin will no longer be irritated and you will experience greater mobility. And yes, you will ultimately save money if you decide to switch to the bidet.


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