6 Ways Anyone Can Look and Feel More Attractive



Real beauty comes from within, and that’s the fact that not many can even try to dispute! Indeed, your education, intelligence, charm, and kindness are qualities that never go out of fashion, and that can win over anyone and everyone. But we live in a world that still values looks, and while we’re here, why not use it to our advantage and show everyone that while true beauty does reside inside, it can also manifest on the outside! For those occasions when you want to look the part and feel better about yourself, we bring you six ways to look and feel more attractive – instantly!

1. Take Good Care of Your Skin 

Smooth skin is one of the major factors in overall attractiveness – apparently, it indicates good health as soon as you lay your eyes on someone who has it. Having healthy, glowing skin is a sure-fire way to boost your confidence. To have it yourself, start paying attention to what you’re applying to your skin if you haven’t already. 
Find the right products with the help of your dermatologist or beautician. We suggest gentle exfoliation followed by a moisturizer – do this regularly (of course, don’t exfoliate every day!), and you’ll be given beautiful, glowing skin. 

2. Make Your Hair Speak 

Hair can make it or break it. You certainly want to be sure to stay on the “make it” side of the spectrum, right? Just like beautiful skin, thick hair is linked to health and vitality and just makes you look better. If you’re not too happy with the volume of your hair, i.e. if it’s thin or you feel it’s been thinning with age, give a dry shampoo a go. Shake and spray it in the direction of your roots – the dry shampoo will absorb oils at your scalp and instantly create an illusion of a full hair. 

3. Say It with Smile 


It’s really hard, if not impossible, to point at a person who doesn’t look way better when smiling than when serious! Some people, though, are self-conscious because they feel they don’t have perfect teeth. Relax – your teeth don’t need to be perfect, and a smile can go a long way! However, if you would love to enhance your smile in a way, don’t hesitate to reach for whitening strips or another teeth enhancing technique. Talk to a 
cosmetic dentist at Penrith and find the best solution for your problem, be it shape or position of your teeth or something else, and then show your pearly whites to everyone. 

4. Keep a Red Lipstick Handy 

Many women don’t enjoy full makeup or don’t even know how to recreate a Jenner look, and that’s fine! You do you, be it natural look or something extravagant. But whatever group you belong to, you probably know already what a difference a red lipstick can make. For an instant mood boost and feeling sexy, apply a coat of red lipstick, and it will lift your whole look in a second. 

5. Dress According to Your Body Shape 

One of the most common instant ways to feel better about your looks is to put on a perfect outfit that highlights your best features. But don’t just think this is about tight clothes emphasizing your curves! This is about fitted pieces that just work with your body shape in the best way possible. You can look up 
best pieces for your body shape online, empty your closet and have a fun afternoon trying everything out and coming up with the best outfits. It will be easy to pull good #ootd once you know your wardrobe only consists of pieces that flatter you. 

6. Be Confident 

Finally, this one piece of advice trumps all the others, though it works best in combination with them. Confidence is very visible, and it’s that je ne sais quoi that attracts people like a magnet! To foster it, you need to engage in self-love and be kind to yourself like you would to a darling friend. But even if you’re doubting yourself or just generally on the shyer side, fake it ‘til you make it. Make eye contact with people, ask them questions, have an open body language, and smile a lot.

Ultimately it all comes down to this: feel good in your skin, and love yourself! But these tricks are worth knowing for those moments when we feel less than great. And know for sure: they’ll pass, and you’ll stay great nevertheless!


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