7 Tips for Grooms Who Consider Wearing Makeup on Their Wedding Day



There are many preparations couples do for their wedding day, and one of the most time-consuming and crucial of them is the makeup. Usually, it’s more of a bride thing and all the other women participants of the entourage, however, the groom also needs sprucing up. And some grooms choose to put makeup on as well to make themselves look even better on their very special day. 

If you are a soon-to-be groom who wants to have makeup on your wedding day, these 7 tips might be so helpful for you to have a better-looking skin and appearance on your remarkable day! 

1. Moisturize 

Especially if you are a man who’s not used to applying makeup on your skin, you must moisturize first. Your makeup artist is supposed to let you know that. Use a good moisturizer. Without it, your skin will look scaly and lackluster. This will most likely happen if the weather or the temperature in the wedding venue is cold. Your skin might get dried out. It might also get easily irritated because the protective coating of the skin gets damaged. 

Apply moisturizer before makeup because it changes the whole game. Don’t immediately put makeup on; instead, wait for about five minutes so that your skin can entirely suck it up and that the moisturizer can function its role properly. It keeps you away from the feeling of having a tight facial skin that’s full of inelasticity, dullness, and itchiness. 

You will see how different and how better your face would look like if it is soft and smooth after moisturizing it. It will also make your skin healthier!

2. Exfoliate 

You might think that women are simply slow when applying makeup, but the truth is that there really are important steps to follow even before you come to the makeup proper. Just like moisturizing, exfoliating is important. Use a natural exfoliating cream or scrub — preferably with sand particles. Dead skin cell growth is the result if you don’t exfoliate before putting on makeup. 

Exfoliation enables you to get rid of dead skin cells which block and amplify pores. Your skin also gets set for makeup application. You might be recklessly rubbing your face whenever you wash it, but too much rubbing is bad and damaging to the skin. Remember that even after your wedding day. 

Those dead skin cells being removed, your face becomes a polished material with which makeup pleasantly agrees. With that, the makeup produces a flawless effect when applied on your skin, and you can wear it better and longer than when you don’t exfoliate. 

lso, other makeup products you use will be better taken in since the dirt and obstructions have already been lessened or eliminated. You will have an even more glowing and handsome skin that will make your bride realize even more that she didn’t make a wrong decision of saying YES! 

3. Concealer

Some men are not comfortable and confident about how their skin looks like. That’s also the reason why they prefer to use makeup during their wedding day. If you are one of them, you must understand that makeup will not only to give you a better and an even more striking look but also help you hide what you want to hide under your skin that lowers your self-confidence. 

Use concealers to mask unwanted spots, scars, wounds, deep acne holes, asymmetrical complexion, dark circles under your eyes and many others. With that, you will be less worried about your look, and your photos will also turn out great not because of your hidden skin areas but because of that happy and confident smile. It’s up to you if you want to hide those flaws or not; just make sure that your priceless smile won’t be lost. 

4. Skin type and tone 

If you have never put on makeup yet or if you are just not used to it, you must better check out with your dermatologist or with your makeup artist what type of skin you have. This is very important for you to know what must be avoided and what cosmetic ingredients might be harmful to your skin. This is essential so that you will avoid any skin issue on or before your wedding day. Also be certain that your the makeup/foundation which will be used on you perfectly agrees with your skin tone. Choose shades which are suitable for you.

5. Anti-shine

When you get sweaty or when you get exposed to sunlight [most likely if you’re in an outdoor venue in the morning or a sunny afternoon], your skin might get oily. This is the sad part when you’ve been exposed to unhealthy heat or air for a long time already. Your skin gets prone to oiliness. 

The oil you that your skin excretes isn’t the only oil that your skin has because actually, human skin naturally has oil in it. That is why by choosing oil-free cosmetics, you are doing yourself a big favor.

6. Brow grooming 

Your eyebrows also need grooming. They greatly affect how you look like. Some people are born with really healthy brows, while some are not very much so. Be sure that your brows are symmetrical and clearly separated [because some men have several, fast-growing eyebrows that begin to look like a single straight line]. You might want to divide your brows if they appear as one with connecting hairs between them.

f you want to and if your makeup artist highly suggests, you can consider eyebrow cleaning options such as waxing, threading, trimming and plucking. Just make certain that you still look natural with it and that their appearance and size are still balanced with other portions of your face like your eyes or with the shape of your face.

7. Clean hair

Facial hair does a lot to your appearance, and it’s up to you if you’re going to let it do its thing or if you’re going to use it to make yourself look an even more good-looking groom.

Some people don’t like how beards and mustaches appear because there are men who cannot grow them well. If you want to have a distinctive groom look, then a well-grown and well-kept beard and/or a mustache can be a built-in accessory. After applying makeup, carefully check your face and see to it that there’s no cream product or powder stuck on your facial hair. Your beard and mustache are prone to them.

Growing it requires time, so if you’re planning to be a hairy groom on your nuptials, be ready ahead of time. If you don’t want your facial hair long, you can just trim it, and when you do, use a high-quality trimmer. You will better with it if it matches the shape of your face. Essential scents can also make them smell more pleasant and look lustrous. They give your facial hair a significant role in making you appear more appealing as an attractive groom. 

Oh, what a comely groom! 

Not only brides but also grooms need slicking up in order to achieve a different and special look on his and his soon-to-be wife’s union day.

Look forward to being fit and healthy at a very momentous life event. How you look is significant, but most importantly, how you feel is very important. That is why with the makeup that you, the groom, decides to choose, you must be comfortable and finally firm with it. If you want just a bit, then a bit would do. Grooms don’t usually apply a lot, so don’t worry about it too much. Choose makeup artists that know a lot about makeup for men as well, and be guided by them for best results.

Most of all, never forget to put on your most priceless smile on your most precious day!


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Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy, Australia’s leading beauty brand that offers a wide selection of prestige cosmetics suitable for everybody. Taking care of the skin and keeping oneself hygienic, beautiful and healthy are some of the many topics she writes about. She also does research and shares her thoughts regarding people’s use of makeup and the artistry itself. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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