6 Ways to Stay Fit and Still Shower Yourself With Chocolate



The biggest problem that a lot of people have with the idea of getting and staying fit lies in the misconception that this takes too much sacrifice. You see, chocolate can be just as addictive as anything else, seeing as how its ingredients tend to be quite effective at drawing your serotonin supplies out, thus giving you a boost to your short-term happiness. How can one triumph against such odds? Well, if you do everything right and figure out a way in which your chocolate-eating habits may aid you in the positive transformation of your body, you may be able to pull it off.

1. Start From the Calorie Count

The first misconception that a lot of people make when it comes to eating sweets is the idea that they’re somehow, magically, making you fat. You see, you’re not gaining weight simply because you’re eating chocolate and that alone. But more so, you’re gaining weight because you have a high caloric input. One nutrition professor lost 27 pounds by eating snack cakes just because he took care of the calorie count. Keep in mind, that while this is possible, it’s definitely not healthy, seeing as how it only affects the weight of your body instead of addressing the issue of your body’s composition. Nonetheless, from your standpoint, if you have a pre-calculated calorie input that you need to stick to, it’s completely fine for you to enjoy your favorite sweets every single day, as long as you’re not overstepping this figure.

2. Train It Out

This can be seen from another perspective, as well, seeing as how all you need to do is increase the number of calories that you burn every day. Also, keep in mind that, as you gain more muscle, your body will be more efficient when it comes to burning calories. This is due to the fact that a pound of muscle burns 5 calories every day, while a pound of fat burns only 20. This means that, even without a workout, you get to burn more calories in your resting state the more muscular you are.

3. It’s the Insulin That’s the Problem

About 100 grams of Snickers has approximately 488 calories, which, although much, isn’t enough to rapidly increase your weight gain. About 100 grams of dark chocolate has about 546 calories which may be a lot to consume on a daily basis but A) you don’t have to go for whole 100 grams and B) you don’t have to consume it every day. Nevertheless, there’s one tad more sinister side to sweets that you might be unaware of. These high concentrations of sugar tend to create a greater concentration of insulin in your body which, in turn, makes you a lot hungrier. In other words, it’s not just eating sweets that are the problem, it’s the fact that you won’t be able to stop eating once the sugar enters your organism.

4. Post-Training Boost

After your training, your body will be exhausted and your organism will try to feed on itself. This is especially true if you’ve managed to create the caloric deficit as we’ve discussed previously. Consuming something sweet just after the training has ended might help preserve the muscle and turn towards fat instead. Due to the fact that small quantities of sweets are more than enough, you can go wild in your eating habits even ordering yourself delicious chocolate bouquets and consuming them in several sessions over the course of the week.

5. A Healthy Source of Fats

There’s a positive side to this, as well. First of all, there’s a major misconception that in order to burn calories you need to avoid fats. Fat is a macronutrient (alongside protein and carbohydrate) which means that you need to consume it on a daily basis. Still, it’s quite hard to find a healthy source of fats. Fortunately, alongside things like egg yolk and avocado, dark chocolate is one of the healthiest sources of fats that you’re bound to encounter. In other words, when building the physique of your dreams and staying healthy at the same time, fats are not only necessary but even essential in your efforts.

6. Don’t Look at It As Cheat Meals

Finally, you need to resist the impulse to look at these sweets as cheat meals. Having a “cheat meal” will make you develop a mentality of not being able to wait until the next cheat meal arrives. Instead, find a way to seamlessly integrate chocolate into your eating routine. This way, you’ll get to eat chocolate more regularly and even have your organism benefit from it.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it’s not what you eat but how you eat it that counts. Let’s be honest, if you’re a huge chocolate fan, no plan which eliminates chocolate altogether can work in the long run. Remember, in order to become and stay fit, you need to turn your fitness/nutrition efforts into a marathon instead of seeing them as a race.


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