6 Ways To Upgrade Your Home’s Security



Safety at home should be a top priority for everyone. If you can’t feel safe in your home, you might be plagued with constant feelings of anxiety and dread. You also must keep your family members and pets safe. This sense of security doesn’t necessarily come naturally though. Take steps now to upgrade security in your home to have a more relaxing living environment.

1. Install a Security System

A security system provides a shield of protection around your home. Putting up signs indicating that the home has a security system can scare away would-be intruders. In the event that an intruder breaks in, the system can contact the police on your behalf. Security systems can also detect smoke, fires, carbon monoxide, and other issues and can call the appropriate authorities.

2. Utilize Remote-Access Cameras

For those who work long hours or are otherwise away from home for long periods of time, it can be comforting to have a way to check on your home remotely. Many modern security cameras offer remote access via an app on your smartphone. This is especially advantageous if you have pets or children at home that require regular supervision.

3. Secure Entranceways

Opening up the windows on a warm day can allow a beautiful breeze and sunshine to flow through the home. However, you should never leave windows open when you are in another part of the home or out of the house entirely. Make sure to keep your doors locked with a deadbolt at all times as well. It only takes a second for an intruder to walk into the home. Many prefer to use electric deadbolts, as they are quick and easy to lock and unlock for those who have access.

4. Secure the Garage

Though it may not be your first thought, upgrading your garage can improve at-home safety and security. A broken or weak garage door makes it a lot easier for people to break into the garage or even the house. Getting a sturdy and robust garage door installed by professionals like Plano Overhead Garage Door can help protect against these issues.

5. Secure the Basement Windows

If you have a basement, putting bars on the windows to prevent them from sliding open can offer an extra layer of protection. This can be especially important if you have children’s bedrooms in the basement. You don’t want them to be accessible from the outside. 

6. Don’t Advertise Valuables

Keeping the curtains open in the front room so that your laptops and printers are on display is a bad idea. Also, if you recently purchased an expensive item, such as a brand new television, do not put the intact box out on the curb. Inside the house, put smaller valuables like jewelry or heirlooms into a strong box with a lock on it.

You should not have to live in fear in your own home. Unfortunately, the world is filled with dangers. These steps can help to create a more secure and comfortable home for yourself and your loved ones.


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