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When the weather turns warmer, all of us like spending more time outdoors, and most likely you don’t use your outdoor areas as much as you should. A garden, deck, or patio is an excellent place to relax and sit in on a warm night or even a cooler evening when you have outdoor heaters available – and if you have some friends over, then you want your deck area to be in ideal shape to use. So let’s check out some of the top outdoor commercial lighting techniques and ideas that are used all over the world. You might be pleasantly surprised with just how affordable it can potentially to have outdoor spaces that are beautifully lit.

1. Retro solar lamp posts

A really good way to light larger areas is to use solar lamp posts. It is also among the most common exterior lighting areas – perhaps for larger courtyard and patio spaces. They are available in many different sizes and styles and can offer high brightness levels. There are some versions that can provide your outdoor area with 3000 lumens, which are bright enough for creating virtual daylight during the nighttime hours. However, they are available as well in dimmer versions to provide a more subtle glow. They are positioned high overhead, on a pole, or attached to a wall sometimes. For larger gardens, solar lamps are a great choice since they can help to save you a lot of money. During the day, the batteries are charged by sunlight, and your garden is lit by them at night, so your electricity bill will not incur any additional running costs from your outdoor lighting.

2. Hang up outdoor string lights

One of the most effective and simplest exterior lighting ideas is to purchase outdoor decorative string lights. They are available in a wide range of colors, lengths, and types. A few long LED light strings can be hung around your patio to create a wonderfully cozy effect to provide you with beautiful soft light to entertain your guests. Position them around your pool or drape them on your window frames and outdoor walls. Your outdoor space can be decorated very inexpensively using long-lasting LED lights, which make LED string lights an excellent outdoor lighting idea.

3. Patio umbrella lights

Your patio is one of the best places, along with the decking area, for your party to continue as day turns into night, especially if it is well-lit. One of the most impressive ways to light decks and patios – and you can use them to great effect almost anywhere – is using patio umbrella lights. There are many beautiful designs for you to choose from. Umbrella lights come in many different styles and cast light down that is bright enough for lighting the entire area but not so bright that it spoils your desired effect.

4. Outdoor lED furniture

If outdoor LED furniture is something that you haven’t heard about, then you need to definitely check it out! LED offers many benefits, including the fact that it doesn’t create a source of heat the way that many other types of lighting effects. Therefore, you can use it safely in various ways. So if you are searching for outdoor lighting ideas for your seating, then there are many forms that outdoor LED furniture can take and the results can be stunning. For example, designers have created a sofa and chair made out of an opaque material that glows quite beautifully when lit from the inside by LED.

5. Lighting effects from a submersible pond

A pond is a very beautiful feature of any yard or garden. That having been said, when lit at night it is even more stunning. LED pond lighting is an excellent way to bring out the very best in a water feature. If the outdoor lighting ideas that you have are related to lighting your pond up, then you can put solar lights on spikes surrounding your pond to effectively highlight your pond’s features. Some submersible pond lights can also be installed to provide an underwater glow to your design.

6. Outdoor solar energy-efficient lighting

We have previously mentioned some outdoor lighting ideas that are battery or mains powered. Mains powered if fine if there is a PowerPoint nearby. However, if you are wanting to have your lights on for just short periods of time, then battery-powered is ideal. Some of the most significant advances that have occurred in outdoor lighting have involved solar lighting. Current modern solar panels are highly effective. The most recent ones do not even need to have direct sunlight in order to charge. Your lights can be powered for several hours at once. There are various forms of outdoor solar LED lighting that is available.

7. Strategic outdoor uplighting

One backyard lighting idea that is a favorite among interior designers is uplighting. The method looks fantastic in any room. However, it can also be used as an outdoor effect. For example, if you are searching for outdoor lighting ideas to use in your decking area, you can position a couple of LED lights around its edges – or even on the deck if you can purchase lights that are designed to be placed flush with the floor – to create an effect that is gorgeous.

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