4 Ways to Gain Greater Independence From a Bad Relationship



Ending a toxic relationship can be a difficult process for many people. Even if a person recognizes the signs, the thought of losing the time and energy they’ve invested can be daunting. We’ll show you just a few ways people can use to regain their independence after calling it quits.

1. Seek Help

No one has to go through the aftermath of a breakup alone. Even if such a breakup is good for the party on the receiving end of the toxicity, there’s a chance that they may be overwhelmed with sadness or despair. Getting help in order to deal with these emotions is a normal part of the process. This help comes in many forms, from professional psychological counseling to support group meetings. Just having friends and family around that understand the nature of the relationship can be helpful. They can also help give protection and safety when fleeing a dangerous relationship and give a place to stay while you gather what you need to gain true independence.

2. Move Out

If a person has been with their significant other for a long time, it is possible they share a place together. Getting your own place can seem like a huge task, but it can provide both physical and emotional distance from the source of the pain. Some people can be hesitant to put this distance between themselves and their partner due to finances. However, many conventional mortgages can help people find a new place of their own and start the healing process in a more personal environment without being dependent on the relationship to maintain their housing.

3. Increase Your Income

If two people in a toxic relationship share finances, the person getting out might be worried about their money situation. Financial dependency is a major hurdle for many who are seeking to leave a dangerous relationship. However, getting more personal freedom is one of the main ways people can start to recover after a bad breakup, making it both part of the solution and part of the healing process. Making changes to your income is one way you can do this. Although you can look for a different job, you can also find part-time work you enjoy in a different field. Finding ways to monetize your hobbies is another option.

4. Know Yourself

It might not be true for every toxic relationship, but many of them have an unhealthy amount of dependence on the controlling partner, including emotional dependence. Many people in this kind of relationship find it hard to know themselves and what they really want after it all ends. Learning how to make decisions and how to acknowledge one’s own feelings is a huge part of being more independent. Find people and therapists who can help you identify what is hurting you and gain the self-love necessary to cast it out of your life.

Moving on from a bad relationship is about learning how to be your own person again and being satisfied with that. Although some stress and negative emotions are common here, some of the steps above can help people start the next chapter of their lives.


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