7 Reasons Why Biting Your Nails Is Bad for Your Mouth



When you see a person who is hiding their hands, the reason is probably their habit of nail-biting. Leaving aside the fashion factor, today there is no one who would like to show their unfinished or broken nails. The reason behind this unhealthy habit is biting the nails with the teeth.

You can notice that your incisors are the teeth responsible for breaking the nails in this habit. The problem of sensitivity will thus increase as making the consumption of nails more and more. As it breaks the enamel and makes it go away from your tooth surface.

Also, nail biting can lead you to have the wrong alignment and chewing problem in the future. In addition, onychophagy – biting nails – will result in having problems for women related to the social scenario and they will prefer to sit at home because of low self-esteem.

Here Are the Top 7 Reasons, Why You Should Not Practice This Habit:

1. Infectious Diseases:

When we bite our nails, we are automatically more vulnerable to suffering from a disease known as paronychia. It is an infection of the fingers that causes swelling and redness. It develops when bacteria penetrate from cuts on the skin (which are frequent, due to contact with saliva). Moreover, the fungi can occur frequently when the “flesh” that comes in fingers remains open and without the protection usually provided through the nails.

2. Teeth Will Get Deteriorated:

The decaying of the teeth is a consequence that is alerting dentists and specialists. It has been determined a strong relationship between the wrong habit of nail-biting and also causes decaying of lower and upper teeth – incisors. According to experts, there is a high probability of suffering microtrauma that gives off the tooth enamel, which weakens the teeth. One might also need to visit the dental clinic if the problem turns to be serious.

3. Biting Your Nails Causes Intestinal Infections:

The constant nibbling of the nails has been classified as one of the causes of intestinal parasite infections. This disorder most often affects children, although several cases have also been identified in adults with this bad habit. The eggs of these are not visible and can sometimes be under the nails. By biting them, they reach the digestive system where they find an appropriate environment to grow.

4. Biting Nails Causes Problems in the Jaw:

An investigation that was carried out earlier, with the participation of 240 adolescents determined that there is a relationship between the habit of nibbling the nails and the affections in the jaw. Although it may seem strange to you, this tic causes pain in the cervical spine and jaw, due to the effort the muscles have to make to eliminate nail fragments. It might lead you to go for an online search for a dentist near me.

5. Pain and Difficulties in Chewing Food:

The main drawback is that the jaw is subjected to a forced position that can cause alterations in the temporomandibular joint, and in turn cause noise and pain when biting.

6. Bad Breath:

The proliferation of bacteria that occurs in the mouth because of this wrong habit is also a major cause of halitosis. As pathogens reach a place with the right conditions to grow without measure, it is easier to develop mouth infections. In conclusion, those who identify with this bad habit should be aware of the consequences beyond the aesthetic. Although it is undeniable fact and also difficult to leave, there are several alternatives that can help overcome it to avoid more serious disorders.

7. Dangerous Dental Disorders:

Decaying of teeth, mainly of the upper and lower incisors will increase the chance of developing caries along with deformation of the gums and palate. With this, there are chances of having abrasion of tooth enamel which is a general weakness of the teeth. If the habit remains during adult life, teeth can loosen.

So this kind of disorders and infections in the jaw and chewing teeth which causes pain with difficulties to chew. When the person goes through this habit, the jaw is forced into a forced position that harms it. These problems can make your dental issue more severe and lead you to visit the dental clinic. But, taking precaution suggested by the doctor is always better.

Sawoni Chowdhury

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