7 Tips to Take Pictures on Instagram Like a Pro



Every day, millions of pictures, photos, and videos are shared through Instagram by its hundreds of millions of users all over the globe. Any image or video posted on an Instagram account can be shared publicly. A user may also browse through posted content on the platform.

The above chart illustrates the steady growth that Instagram has shown in terms of the number of users, over the past few years. As per this chart, the number of users on Instagram has crossed the 700 million mark.

Anatomy of the Perfect Instagram Picture

Since we have established the fact that millions of photos are shared on Instagram daily, we can also safely assume that the creators of all those pictures want theirs to stand out among the rest. If your picture is just like all the others, is there any chance for it making a mark?

Of course not. This brings us to the real question: How to take an excellent picture for your Instagram post?

A great picture has some necessary elements like composition, light, color balance, and tones, etc. You can never hope to become a good photographer unless you know what these elements mean and how they work together to render the final image.

Being a Pro at Instagram Photos

It goes without saying that not everyone who is posting pictures on Instagram is a professional photographer or a photo editor.ย  Many people still feel the compulsion to take the perfect picture and post it on Instagram, especially when they see their friends and acquaintances doing the same.

Here Are 7 Best Tips That Will Help You Take an Excellent Picture for the โ€™Gram.

1. Lights, Camera, Action!

If you ask a professional photographer what the single most crucial component of any photograph is, his response will be ‘lighting.’

Light is the element that either makes or breaks your photo. Now that you have decided to become an Instagram pro, it is time you understood the importance of proper lighting in all your pics.

No matter what your subject is, where you are taking a photograph, or who your intended audience is, you must always make sure that your picture is adequately lit. If the lighting is improper, no amount of editing or filtering will be able to salvage it.

You should also make it a point to know that natural light is always much better than artificial light. If you are planning to take outdoor photos, make sure you so during the early morning or the later part of the afternoon. The lighting offered during those times of the day will enhance your picture.

2. Lines, Colors, and Shape

Each one of your photographs must have clear and defined shapes, colors, and lines. Also, make sure that the focus of the picture should be a single element that stands out. In the above image, the focus is on the row of eggs. If you use the singular element technique, you will see that your audience will not only like it, they will be drawn towards it.

Formatting and Instagram photo size matters a lot too. Of course, if you are new to this game, it will take you some time to understand the sizing techniques of Instagram. So be sure to keep practicing and posting.

3. Photo Editing


The above picture is a masterpiece. And the entire credit for this picture goes to the editor. One can see the girl and the shark complementing each other against a very dimly lit background. It seems like the scene is lit from above as well as below.

When you embark on your Instagram adventure, you will come to understand that Instagram editing tools provided are not enough if you want to take some great photos.

Anyone serious about this game, should stock up on a few more powerful editing apps and/or software. There are several third-party editing online tools that are easy to use, even when on the go.

4. Appropriate Alignment of Elements


A great Instagram photo is the one that has all its elements aligned perfectly. The grid feature allows you to make that alignment in your photograph. The same feature also allows you to enhance the overall composition of your photo.

Basically, a picture will be much more attractive and enticing when all the elements shown within the photographs are in perfect harmony with each other. If those elements are in conflict, it will be chaos. Your picture will have no value at all. It will not be attractive either. Hardly anyone will bother to look at it, let alone share it with others.

5. Training the Eye

The camera lens is a fantastic invention, but your eyes are even better.

When it comes to photography, nothing catches it better than the eye. To become a great photographer, you will need to train your eyes. The above picture is an example. The scene in the image must have remained like that for a few seconds only, but the photographer was able to recognize the scene and click it immediately.

You must train yourself to recognize a shot and click it at the most appropriate time. You can do this with the following exercise.

Look at anything within your vicinity. Take note of what you see. Now take a picture of the same thing with your camera. Analyze the difference between your perspective and the actual photograph. Your objective is to decrease the difference between the two until your photo shows what you see in a scene.

6. Refrain From Over-Editing


People can ruin many a perfect picture by merely over-editing them. Editing itself is a necessary process, but it should be done with a proper focus and a clear vision of the result in mind. Otherwise, the same process will render your picture unpleasant and at times, even horrible.

Simply go for the necessary editing and leave the rest to fate.

7. Placement of the Picture

Now that you have taken the best snapshot, you might still not be satisfied. The most essential thing in a photograph apart from lighting is the placement of objects within the frame. Proper installation will turn your photo into a masterpiece. Lack of it will render it useless.

The Wrap-Up

Photography is an art, but one cannot become a good photographer overnight. In fact, learning photography is an ongoing process. Just keep posting photographs on Instagram. The feedback you will receive from others will help you understand the mistakes you are making and how you can correct them. With continuous practice and perseverance, you will become a pro at posting pictures on Instagram.


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