Why I Chose to Be My Own Photographer for My Blogs


There are countless reasons I can share with you why being your own photographer is great. In this short lifestyle post, I want to share with you some ways how you can be your own photographer, as well as why it’s a great option as opposed to hiring someone else.

First of all, hiring a photographer costs money. If you don’t have to spend money, why spend it. Use that money towards something else or just save it. There are so many inexpensive cameras on the market now, not to mention, some of the smartphones that we all have some amazing cameras in them that not only have cool filters, but you can get additional filters through many apps that you can choose to share them through.

Having a photographer can be great, that is if they’re good. I’m a perfectionist, I’m picky, and I know what I want. That doesn’t mean that I’m difficult to work with when it comes to having my pictures taken—at least, I don’t think so. But when you know what you want, and I do, and when you like directing the shots anyway, then you should really consider taking your own photos.

Selfies are getting old, and pretty much make us all look like narcissists. So the trick is, to take selfies without having them appear to be selfies. For me, what I started to do was program my phone to take pictures of me with a 3 or 10-second heads up. I’d set up my phone somewhere sturdy, twirl around, strike a pose, do a twist, jump, and voilá. You get a bunch of shots to choose from.

Now don’t get me wrong, because most of the pictures won’t come out with the quality of a nice and professional camera, and definitely not every picture. But if you think about it, even when you have pictures taken from the very best camera and the most incredible photographer, you’ll usually only get one or two great shots. That is, unless you get lucky, which is possible. However, you can get just as lucky taking your own photos.

The point is, you don’t need to have a photographer to get great pictures. And if everyone doesn’t like your pictures, so what. You don’t need everyone’s approval, there will always be haters, and everyone, yes, everyone will always have an opinion. Besides, when you have haters, many times it means that you’re doing something right. As long as you feel good about what you’re doing, and you have a creative eye for snapping great shots, go for it.

I used to sit there and ponder how some of these lifestyle, travel, and fashion bloggers could have a photographer follow them around everywhere, travel all over, and get such great shots. And I do realize that some of them are married to their photographers. Having said that, I figured that even if you can’t afford to have that type of ‘possibly unnecessary’ luxury of having a photographer follow you everywhere, and even if it’s not currently in your budget to travel around the world, you can still get great pictures, feel good about them, and keep pushing yourself towards your goals.

Having said all of the above, I’d like to state that I’ve had many offers for having my pictures taken free of charge or in exchange of service. But the truth is, there are two reasons why I declined the offers that I’d received. First of all, I’m a very trusting person, but whether you’re in LA, New York, or wherever, you need to be street smart enough to realize that not everyone has pure intentions, your best interest at heart, and unfortunately, not everyone will keep their word. As well, I enjoy taking my own pictures. And at the end of the day, I know what I want.

Last but not least, some other added benefits of taking your own pictures, is that you get them right away. You don’t have to wait for a photographer to make the time to send you your pictures. As well, you don’t have to go around anyone’s schedule in order to set up a shoot. If you want to do a photo shoot, get ready, go, and don’t forget your camera or phone. 

Being your own photographer isn’t for everyone. But if you’re like me, and you want some great shots without having to hire anyone or ask anyone for a favour and whatnot, do it yourself. And don’t compare yourself to others who have a photographer, because they’re doing they’re own thing. Now you go and do your own thing. Set your camera’s timer and get started. Say cheese! 

Here are some of the latest shots from my iPhone 6. Many of them are posted on my Instagram account as well. I realize the imperfections, but I’m fine with them. These are photos from a few of my first official photo shoots, and I’m striving to improve with practice. I hope you like them. 


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