8 Easy Meals for Your Next Camping Trip



Are you planning a camping trip? There are some easy meals that you shouldn’t leave behind. Since you are going to have fun, you don’t want a meal that requires a lot of work. In this guide, we have included eight easy meals for your next camping trip that are delicious.

1. Loaded Baked Potatoes

Potatoes are the most common camping staple. Besides tasting awesome over a campfire, they are easy to make and will keep you full for a longer duration. Your kids should eat potatoes at least once during a camping trip, and you won’t break a sweat to make them. You can use a campfire or camp stove to make potatoes, and you will still get the same taste result.

2. Spicy Peanut Noodles

The trick is to make spicy peanut noodles right before you begin your camping trip. You won’t have any problem as long as the noodles are kept at room temperature. It is an excellent amount for a single pound of pasta. You just need to thin the peanut noodles using pasta cooking water. If you like, you can mix the whole meal in a Ziploc bag if you don’t have time to clean an extra pot.

3. Pizza Quesadillas

If you asked any kid about their best camping meal, they would say pizza quesadillas. These pizzas are very easy to prepare on a frying pan. The process is even much faster if you have a camp stove, but wrap them in foil and use a campfire if you don’t have that. To give them extra taste, fold them in half and fry them in a small amount of olive oil.

4. Little Quinoa Patties

What makes quinoa a great camping grain is that it has high amounts of protein. It is what to go for if you are looking to have fun while eating healthy with your loved ones. The patties need some eggs, which are easy to make. There are many ways to make little quinoa patties, so it all depends on how you want to experience the amazing taste.

5. Portuguese White Bean Soup

White beans and tomato soup only need around 20 minutes to make. If you were doing something fun, you can stop briefly and get your meal ready. It is okay to make a unique version using some chopped veggies to get some vitamins. If you can’t get veggies, you can use violet leaves, dandelion, or plantain.

6. Panzanella

This is the type of meal to choose when you don’t want to do any cooking during your camping trip. This meal is derived from a smitten kitchen, and nothing beats it in terms of taste. Anyone can eat Panzanella every day of the week without getting fed up with it. Even if you are camping and you run out of tomatoes, you can still make this meal and have a good time together.

7. Camping Oatmeal

Before you leave home, try to mix your oatmeal using cinnamon, a pinch of salt, brown sugar, dried milk powder, old-fashion oats, and coconut flakes. This meal is will make your breakfast a great one. Since you don’t need a lot of time to have your oatmeal ready, you can make it as many times as you want. If you have your kids on the camping trip, they will thank you for making oatmeal.

8. Camping Pancakes

Make your coopers rock camping as fun as possible by making some pancakes. Many people think that camping pancakes are hard to make. All you have to do is get the recipes right and don’t use too much heat when cooking to avoid burning the dough. Pancakes cook in less than five minutes, so you can make as many as you want, based on how delicious you find them. Remember, no one ever gets tired of eating pancakes for breakfast.

These are some of the easy meals to make during your camping trip. Most of them can be prepared using a camp stove or over a fire. You will notice that most of them don’t need too many ingredients and are healthy to consume even in large quantities. Next time you go camping, make sure to try the meals mentioned in this piece. Which one do you think you will try first?


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