Ways To Eat Healthy Without Completely Turning Your Life Upside Down



Transformation doesn’t have to be dramatic or the product of huge sacrifice. If you want to eat healthier, you can start with small changes to your diet that will add up to big wellness benefits in the long run. In fact, eating healthier doesnโ€™t have to mean never eating the things you like ever again, it just means finding healthier options to replace or go with them. Here are just a few tips to get started.

Add, Don’t Subtract

A common mistake of dieters is to replace “bad” food with “good” food, which can create resentment towards healthy eating options. A better tactic is to add healthy ingredients or use healthy cooking techniques for the meals that you already eat. If you want to eat more fruit, for example, you can add a serving to your pancakes. If you need more protein, you can add hard-boiled eggs to your salads and ramen noodle bowls. If you’re trying to cut back on trans fats, you can make a stir-fry with a different type of oil.

Hide Your Veggies

This tactic might make you laugh, but it works just as well on adults as on kids. Rather than trying to choke down a bowl of spinach, you can add it to a smoothie and blend it in a way that’s completely tasteless. Rather than skewering cauliflower by the florets, you can eat it as cauliflower rice, cauliflower mashed potatoes, or cauliflower pizza crust. There are countless ways to fool yourself into thinking that you aren’t eating vegetables at all, but they’ll still deliver your daily recommended servings.

Eat Healthier at Restaurants

It isn’t always easy to eat healthy while dining out, but it isn’t impossible. Just pay attention to things like ingredients and portion sizes. Choose leaner options like chicken and fish rather than beef, and don’t feel obligated to finish an oversized plate: Get a doggy bag instead. If you’re the one choosing where to eat lunch, opt for a place with healthy and nutritious menu options, such as a vegan cafe or a superfood restaurant, for example, Everbowl – Mission Valley.

Plan Your Meals

Meal planning, also known as meal prepping, is a practice that’s taking the world by storm. It involves cooking in big batches and packing up the leftovers to be eaten one day at a time. If you have the bad habit of reaching for takeout menus whenever you’re too tired to cook, this can be a way to stick to a healthy eating plan without having to stand over the stove every night. You can also manage your calories, portion sizes, and dietary requirements more effectively with weekly meal planning.

You don’t have to throw everything out of your cupboards to eat healthily. In fact, most experts agree that small, subtle changes to your diet are more sustainable for long-term healthy eating than cold turkey, dramatic changes that you know youโ€™re going to hate. If the change makes you miserable, youโ€™re unlikely to stick to it. Use these tips instead to build a better lifestyle for yourself.


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