Traveling to Michigan? Food Places You Need To Try While Visiting



If you’re coming to Michigan and looking for a place to stop over for some food, we have you covered! From healthy fresh fruit salads, seafood buffets, and other mouthwatering dishes, Michigan’s got something for everyone. Therefore, below are some popular food places you should consider checking out during your visit.

National Coney Island

The National Coney Island is one of the best food places you can’t afford to miss during your visit to Michigan. The restaurant is known for its hotdogs and beef chili, both of which will surely satisfy your cravings. Besides being affordable, the restaurant is also family-friendly, making it ideal for kids or the whole family.

Trattoria Stella

If you want to eat as the Italians do, this is the place to go! Trattoria Stella offers a variety of authentic Italian dishes that will surely satisfy your taste buds. Located in Traverse City, this place is a must-visit for anyone who wants to go beyond just eating pizza. If you’re coming to Michigan and want to take a break from the usual fast food or burgers, this is the place that you should try.

Bill’s Steak House

Bill’s Steak House is another wonderful food place you should stop at during your Michigan visit. The restaurant is located in Detroit and offers a variety of prime cuts of ribs, steak, and more. The restaurant also has a rooftop bar you can check out during your visit.

Frita Ann Arbor

Frita Ann Arbor offers a variety of scrumptious salads, smoothies, and more that will surely satisfy even the most discriminating of foodies. The restaurant is located in Ann Arbor, and it is a well-loved spot for tourists from all over the country. This place offers local Michigan fare that’s fresh, organic, and made with quality ingredients.

Slows Bar-B-Q

The other food spot you should make your stop at is the Slows Bar-B-Q. Located in Corktown, this restaurant offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes such as burgers, desserts, and more. Just like the Frita Ann Arbor, Slows Bar-B-Q is open for breakfast and lunch. Besides that, you will also be served local brews and drinks in their festive atmosphere upon request.

Comensoli’s Italian Bistro & Bar

Another Italian spot you need to visit while in Michigan is Comensoli’s Italian Bistro and Bar. This family-owned restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan offers traditional Italian foods and a long list of various martinis to try. Their menu ranges from Frutta Di Mare, Cudighi Supreme pizza, to Pan Seared Salmon. These mouth-watering dishes can cost a little more than your average Italian restaurant but every penny is worth each dish you can get.

The Crows Nest

This restaurant was once the owner’s house, but they had turned it into a restaurant that turned into what it is today 70 years later. In their slogan, they claim to best work with your tastes and that each ingredient used is locally produced and fresh. While this might be a catering business, they also double as a restaurant. You can get foods ranging from truffle fries as an appetizer, Sauteed Whitefish Grenoble as an entree, or even a burger and a pizza as your main course. While this restaurant is only open for three days a week, we highly recommend visiting this location if you get a chance.

Michigan is a great place to visit, and its food makes it even better! This place has something for everyone, from deep-fried hot dogs to prime beef steak. So if you’re planning a visit to the state soon, be sure to try out these food places and discover Michigan’s hidden gem.


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