Maintain the Shine of Your Floors With the Lithofin Stain Stop Sealer



Cleaning and maintaining a marble floor can be a challenging task if you do not know how to do that and more importantly, what products are to be used. Lithofin is a well-known brand of floor cleaner and other flooring solutions, and the Lithofin stain stop sealer is a perfect product for suitable for synthetic or natural stones and tiles. You can use it both for indoors and outdoors. The stain stop sealer from Lithofin helps in sealing these stones. It can be an extremely useful solution for maintaining the stones instead of complete replacement.

If you have a polished floor in the interiors of your house, you may know the hazards of keeping the shine of the floor-surface intact. Hiring professionals can be expensive but if you do not have much time for DIY, then it is better to hire experts. On the other hand, protecting it from tough stains is also very stressful. This Lithofin solution will help you solve the problem of maintaining and protecting the floor for a long time without costing high expenses.

How Does the Lithofin Stain Stop Sealer Protect Your Floors?

You can apply the Lithofin sealer to work like an impregnator sealer, formulated to be soaked into the floor without affecting the appearance of the stone. It can create a transparent and thin protective layer on the stone or other surfaces that no one will be noticed with naked eyes. It is a very effective way of safeguarding the floors to extend its life. Lithofin stain stop is the protective film stops any substance from getting inside the floor material. It only stays on the upper surface, which can easily be wiped off.

Where Can You Use the Stain Stop Sealer?

You can use this product on a varied range of materials and prevent any external particles to make stains on your floor. Such as any ceramics surface, polished or hard stones, honed and rough limestones, terracotta, concrete stone, unglazed tiles, etc. It can work flawlessly to protect the floor-surfaces of the kitchen, bathroom, and it’s heat-resistant. It also has the anti-slip property. This product has an excellent water resistance capability as it is an impregnator manufactured with dissolving agents. If you have any confusion over the application procedure, you can refer to the user manual guide, provided by the company with the product for its detailed specifications.

The Right Way of Using the Lithofin Stain Stop Sealer

You should keep a few things in your mind while using this product.

  • Make sure you clean the floor surface and make it completely dry before applying the sealer.
  • Before applying it on the entire area, try a patch test by pouring a small amount of the solution over a limited part.
  • If it is possible to keep track of the floor-temperature, try to maintain the temperature from  5 to 25-degree Celsius.
  • Apply the sealer over the floor-surface using a brush, roller, mop, or a sponge, and make sure it is distributed maintaining the floor slopes properly.
  • If you feel the requirement of a second layer, you can apply it another coat, but after at least 20 minutes of the first application.
  • Clean the tools immediately after the application and leave the floor for a minimum of 48 hours to let the sealer dry completely for the best results.

We can sum up the topic here, by suggesting that the Lithofin stain stop sealer is an excellent product for giving a protective shield to your floor. It ensures the long sustainability of the luxurious appeal of the stone flooring for a long time without any big expenses. You can get the product in any of your local shops or the online retail market.


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