8 Things Expensive Elsewhere but Cheap to Buy in Dubai



Apart from its architectural marvels, Dubai is famously known for its immense shopping. The various shopping malls ensure everyone buys something. Various things are expensive in other places but cheap to buy in Dubai. The trick is to understand some of these must-buy items. Below is our list of things you can buy less expensive in Dubai compared to other places.

1. Jewelry

Dubai is not called the ‘City of Gold’ for no reason. It is a top destination for anyone looking to buy gold jewelry, including bracelets and necklaces. Dubai Gold Souk is the largest gold market globally, located in Deira, a commercial business district. Jewelry prices here are lower compared to other places for favorable tax policies. And, the cost can go down further depending on bargaining power. Other areas where to purchase gold jewelry includes Joyalukkas outlets, Gold and Diamond Park, and the numerous jewelry outlets.

2. Electronics

The various electronic outlets from leading industry brands ensure relatively lower prices in Dubai. A visit to the Sharaf DG store or the AL Fahidi street offers a good bargain on electronics from various international brands, including Apple. Other items affordable in Dubai include smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and LED TVs. It is good to compare the prices with those in your country to realize how much you’re actually saving if you purchase the item in Dubai.

3. Apparel From Leading Brands

When looking forward to keeping up with the fashion trends on a budget, consider buying brand name apparel from Dubai. There are various locations from where to purchase designer clothes on a shoestring budget. Luckily, you don’t need to board the next plane to the ‘City of Gold.’ You can buy online and have your package delivered by the cheapest courier in Dubai. Some of the popular destinations for cheap fashionable clothe include:

  • The Outlet Village
  • Dubai Outlet Mall
  • Brands for Less and Tchibo
  • Bagatelle Boutique

4. Designer Handbags

Apart from designer clothes, you can also purchase handbags cheaply in Dubai compared to local stores. A visit to the various souks or Meena Bazaar offers a chance to buy any of the multiple replicas of several top designers’ handbags made perfectly to require a trained eye to tell the original and fake bag. Taking this route is the cheapest way to get a designer handbag without parting with a considerable amount.

5. Perfumes

Perfumes are essential in the Arab world since the old days. Markets, streets, and hotel lobbies always have a pleasant fragrance. The market for perfume here has various scents included those from top brands in the world. Purchasing perfume here is cheaper than in other parts of the world.

Dubai is a good source of Oudh (Arabic perfumes in Dubai), one of the most expensive and rarest in the world. This fragrance comes from the Agarwood tree of Southeast Asia. Another rare fragrance to buy in Dubai is Bukhoor. This is scented bricks that you burn in tiny pieces to fill your home with a luxurious smell. You can buy these cheaply in Dubai to create a romantic atmosphere in your room. The cost of perfumes is half the price to pay in the western world.

6. Chocolates

Dubai is a global business and chocolate hub from across the world. Getting the best chocolate is so easy, including the favorite local brand ‘Chocodate.’ Chocolate here is so cheap, making it easier to shop it here in whatever quantity. Malls, grocery stores, supermarkets, and Dubai Duty-Free Shop are good sources of the finest chocolate you can get in the world.

7. Watches

For anyone considering wearing a designer watch on a budget, Dubai is your next stop. Here, you can buy a Rolex watch at about 25 percent lower than the international market price. Remember that you can even get a brand name watch cheaper if you opt for a second-hand one. Additionally, you can bring the price lower with some haggling.

8. Shoes

Branded workout or sports shoes are a good investment. You can get comfortable and quality shoes in Dubai at half the price in your country. Places like the Sun and Sand Sports outlet on Bank Street have quality Nike and Adidas sneakers at factory prices. Other locations where to buy cheap but quality shoes include DFC and Outlet Mall offer huge discounts on major shoe brands. Outlets that offer affordable shoes in Dubai include:

  • Greenhouse
  • Shoes4Us
  • Mercato
  • Ansar Gallery

Dubai is the ‘City of Gold’ with variety for everyone. This city has various items you can buy cheaply compared to the prices in other locations. And, there is no need to worry about boarding the next plane. You can purchase your items online and have them delivered to your locale by a cheaper courier through a handy shipping app.


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