Six Gifts the Marine Veteran in Your Life Is Sure To Love



The holiday season is rapidly approaching which means it’s time to start thinking about all the presents your loved ones will be receiving. Finding the perfect gift for each family member and friend can be a struggle. With so many items to choose from, you’ll want to make sure your choice is well-received and loved. It helps to pick a present that relates to your loved one’s interests and career choices. If you have a present for a Marine veteran pending, you’ve come to the right place. To make shopping for the holidays all the easier, we’ve compiled a list of six gifts that the Marine vet in your life is sure to love. 

1. Award Display Case 

The achievements Marines have accomplished whilst serving their country should be honoured and praised. You can help them do so by purchasing an award display case for them to elegantly hang their ribbons and trinkets. 

2. Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle 

Another great gift is a vacuum-insulated water bottle that will keep your loved one’s drink hot or cold whilst they’re on the go. To make this gift more personalized, we recommend you customize the bottle with some Marine corps stickers. 

3. Engraved Pocket Knife 

You never know when you might be caught in a sticky situation and in need of a pocket knife to set yourself free. You can purchase a pocket knife and engrave a fun slogan on it, for example, “once a Marine, always a Marine”. Similarly, a retractable multi-use tool will also go down a treat. 

4. Retirement Flag Case 

If you’re searching for a present because your loved one is about to retire, then look no further than a flag case. This protective glass case is the perfect way for them to display their retirement flag with pride. Some models even come with a large Marine corps logo and customizable nameplate at the bottom. 

5. Tactical Watch 

Marine corps vets are precise. After all, they’ve trained their entire lives to be this way. That’s why they will love the gift of a tactical watch. Look out for a model that has been tested under extreme conditions so it will withstand the test of time. We personally love the Vincero Outrider and Garmin Tactix Bravo watch. 

6. Personalized Grill Set 

If the person you are shopping for is an avid chef that loves to get on the grill, we suggest you purchase a personalized grill set. Not only can you get utensils with the Marine corps logo engraved, but you can even get their initials on there too. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to host a barbeque and get the whole family together. 

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with plenty of inspiration, although, at the end of the day, it’s truly the thought that counts. Make sure to always attach a handwritten note to all your gifts, so you can let your loved one know how much they truly mean to you. 


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