Want to Buy A Baby Highchair? Here’s Something Worth Reading Before



Baby highchair! Is it really important? The answer is, “To position your baby comfortably through comfortable head and body support, it is important.” As you want to give your baby everything useful, you must buy him/her a highchair without a second thought.

Reasons Your Baby Must Have a Highchair

Babies are proactive, therefore, when it comes to feeding them, the task turns out to be quite challenging. With a highchair, feeding turns easy, and there remains no tension of food spillover. While attending a party or an event, these chairs are a great support in terms of baby management. However, it is important to buy baby wooden highchair capable of doing more than just feeding. By encouraging feeding in the upright position, the chair is safe for the baby, as it prevents the possibility of choking.

Some of the Best Wooden Highchairs to Consider

Le Toy Van Honeybake Doll High Chair:

Making mealtime easy and a moment worth enjoying with your baby is done best with this chair. Available in an elegant color, it comes with a touch of gold paint. Best suited for 3+ years.

Graco Contempo High Low Chair – Toy Town:

Slim and trim, this one is handy and the ultimate choice while traveling. Cleaning it is as easy as counting numbers, and apart from being comfortable for the baby, this chair is comfortable for the parents too. Loaded with impeccable features, it is a good deal to have.

Babybjorn Booster Seat:

If your baby’s height has outgrown, this booster seat is all he/she needs to reach up to the table. By seating safely, the little one will enjoy the meal and engage in the surrounding activities.

Oxo Tot 3 Piece Sprout Chair Cushion Set:

This one has three levels of seat height as well as depth adjustment for tool-free adjustability. Another feature about it is its footrest. So, if you are looking to buy a baby wooden highchair with these facilities, this is the best-suited one.

Features of a Good Highchair

As a baby high chair is one of the most valuable and purpose additions in a baby’s dreamy world, parents should check out a few of them for a fair comparison and wise pick. Some of the most obvious yet important features of these highchairs are adjustable options that enable the parents and everyone else to safely place the baby in the chair, thereby monitoring the right posture.

  • Tray: Highchairs, nowadays, have a tray meant to easily keep the essentials required during the feeding time, such as water bottles and baby food.
  • Cleaning: Material used to make the chair must be easy to clean so that the baby stays away from the mess of leftovers or spillover.
  • Portable: A high chair that can be moved from one place to another is always the right choice. Moreover, it allows the little ones to be a part of the celebrations and family dinners.
  • Safety: Easy up and down adjustment is a convenient way to keep the baby safe from dust, harmful things, and pets.
  • Reclining options: Babies can sleep anytime and sleep in the lap is neither comfortable nor healthy for them. Thanks to the reclining feature available in some highchairs, they can comfortably sleep.

How to Buy the Best Highchair?

What goes inside the head of a baby is unpredictable. He/she can do anything surprising all of a sudden, sometimes pleasant and sometimes risky. For instance, he/she can try to stand in, get out of the chair or climb in. Their tiny fingers and toes are also at risk of being pinched by the moving parts of the chair. Considering all these factors, here are a few things to look for:

  • Five-point harness: It talks about a harness with waist, shoulders, and crotch straps to stop the baby from climbing out or falling.
  • Built: The construction of a baby highchair must be sturdy enough to carry a baby’s weight. The backrest and seat should be pushed to check whether they deform, sag, collapse, etc.
  • Stability: The floor space area between the four legs has to be more than the seat’s area.
  • Movable parts-Be it any part, it must not crush or pinch or trap the toes, fingers, head, and limbs of the baby. Sharp edges and points must be checked as well.
  • Castor wheels: These are required to move the chair. Chairs without these need to be lightweight for easy movement.
  • Foldable: When you plan to buy a baby wooden highchair, make sure it is easy to fold and unfold.
  • Footrest: As the baby grows, it supports his/her feet or calves.

And with this, it’s a wrap! Hopefully, the shared information will help you pick the right high chair for your baby and make his/her feeding time easy, healthy and enjoyable.


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