4 Gift Ideas for Your Partner to Keep Your Relationship Fun



We all know that life can get in the way of our relationships, and things can get stale if we don’t shake them up often enough. A great way to keep your relationship interesting is through gifts. Take advantage of birthdays, Christmas, or Valentine ’s Day to add some fun into your relationship. Here are some ideas to keep you both interested and engaged.

1. Go to a Workshop Together

Find a local art gallery or pottery studio and see if they offer classes. Your local library can have a multitude of different ideas for you as well. Find something you both like or something neither of you knows anything about. It’s important to be on an even playing field, especially if one or both of you like to get competitive. Make sure you keep practicing and you two could have a new Tuesday night hobby. This can quickly become a bonding experience because the best way to get closer together is by creating something together. It can also keep you vulnerable as you put yourself in a setting where you learn something new.

2. Go See the Worst Movie You Can Find in Theaters

Maybe there’s a gross looking chick-flic out, or maybe another movie about a dog that gets lost goes on an adventure and comes home again. Place your bets (monetary, chores, or … Otherwise) on what anything from the plot to clichés the movie might poorly portray, then go see it. Be sure to make your own popcorn and bring it in—it’s a wonderful opportunity to be in the kitchen together, and homemade popcorn is better than any other kind. Awful movies can give you both a good laugh and bring some playfulness into your relationship.

3. Spice up the Bedroom

I’m sure we can all think of one or twelve kinky things that the internet can offer in ways to bring life to the bed, but baby steps are incredibly important. Start with simple, basic role-playing. Something really easy to understand. Maybe one of you has had a crush on a teacher before, or you really like being surprised. Talk to your partner when you’re both very sober and calm. Discuss what you’d like to play, and when. One of you can be a cop, and one a robber, but you should both have “safe words” so that if one of you isn’t having fun anymore, you can stop and communicate immediately. Something that could help is a condom specifically made for the occasion. Print your own condoms to fit whatever story you want, then off you go.

4. Take a Walk

Sounds benign, but a mile walk is a good 15 or more minutes to enjoy the outdoors and spend some quality time together. It’s a great time to talk about your days, your jobs, and other everyday things that make you feel closer together. Getting active together can also help you both achieve your goals and give you something to work toward.

Don’t settle into the same routine in your relationship. Keep it fun and light by considering the above four ideas.


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