A Detailed Insight Into Pros and Cons of Ducted Heating System



Nothing is worse than shivering in the chilly winters all around the day. The winters are extreme that quivers one from inside. But, that does not mean you’re left alone with no option! Today we will talk about ducted heating that makes it easy to cope with such weather conditions and relax comfortably in the house. Of course, it is the most demanded appliance in chilly weather that helps one to go through those icy winters days.

The winters in Australia are quite long and unbearable after some point of time. Today, various types of heating systems are available that provide not only a comfortable indoor atmosphere but also offer efficient temperature control features. The two most common types are the ducted heating system and a split heating system. For a consumer, it might get pretty hectic to choose the appropriate heaters according to their interior structure.

Although the basic functioning remains the same, there are slight differences in their features and design. A split heating system has two components – one you install inside the room, and the other unit in the outer area. It heats only that area where the heating unit is present. On the other hand, The ducted heating system is responsible for heating the entire house. There is one central unit wherein the air heats up and flows through the ducts installed throughout the house. Today’s ducted heaters are a lot more energy-efficient.

Ducted Heating System

Are You Investing In The Right Ducted Heating System?

People often feel confused about whether they should invest in a particular ducted heating system or not. Undoubtedly it’s a major investment, and when you are investing such a high amount, it is essential to know whether you will obtain the desired benefits or not. Take a look at some of the pros and cons and then decide if it is ideal for your home.


  • Ducted systems don’t interfere with your home decorations much, and you don’t need to install separate units in every room to warm up the entire home. With the proper ductwork, it warms the whole house without ruining the interior decor.
  • Flexible fuel options can be used to operate a ducted heating system. Electricity, gas, or LPG – whatever the means you have, duct heaters are operable with any of them.
  • It does not create irritating noise during functioning. Moreover, you can control the temperature irrespective of the rooms where you are relaxing. A standard temperature control unit is available to keep the rooms at a varying temperature as per the requirement.


As the ducted heating system is responsible for warming the entire home, it is quite expensive as compared to the conventional heaters. Moreover, the installation process is pretty complicated, and only professionals can handle it.

  • You need to find the proper place to install the largest or central unit, which leads to air warming in that room or space.
  • Ducts are installed either around or on the ceiling or under the floor. It requires enough work of drilling. Make sure you approach the professionals to get a flawless job, otherwise it can hurt your home’s overall aesthetics.
  • Any issues in the flow of warm air might lead to complicated and expensive duct repair. The entire system should be inspected to find the underlying problems and fix them.

One of the crucial aspects of the ducted heating system is that it requires frequent maintenance and cleaning. If you are not a DIY enthusiast, don’t experiment with it. Instead, approach trusted service professionals to ensure efficient maintenance of the unit. Don’t forget that you have incurred massive amount upon its installation; a few mistakes might add enough stress upon your budget. Seek expert’s help to know whether the ducted heaters are ideal for your house or not.

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