Adjusting Your Diet To Enhance Your Brain Power Easily



Did you know that the brain is one of the most powerful organs in the body? In fact, it might be the most single powerful, as it controls your heartbeat, regulates your breathing patterns and adjusts your arm and leg extensions. Sure, any nutritionist knows that milk does wonder for the bones and carrots are great for the eyes and chest, but what about the brain? Since the brain is the most powerful organ in the body shouldn’t it reap the biggest rewards? Yes, it should, but what are the best foods that you can consume for brainpower? 

The Power Of Eggs

Eggs are not only full of protein and low in fat, but they contain nutrients that are essential for any healthy brain diet. These nutrients not only help improve your memory, but they make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. This means that if you are on a diet, eggs can help you consume fewer calories while making you feel fuller in the process. Not only will you lose weight with eggs, but also you will gain nutrients that are essential for brain development.

Include Celery In Your Diet

Celery is without a doubt one of the most nutritious vegetables. However, not everyone enjoys eating the “strings” that make up the vegetables. While these strings are known for getting stuck between the teeth and their non-digestible qualities, they are filled with collenchyma cells. If you can make your way past these strings, you will benefit greatly.

Celery contains what is known as luteolin, a flavonoid and phytochemicals. Luteolin protects the brain from damage caused by free radicals while fighting against cancer. Boosting your brainpower is now as simple as eating a few stalks of celery every day. While celery is protecting your brain, it is also keeping your blood pressure and stress at optimal levels.

Take Advantage Of Seafood

Seafood comes in a variety of different forms and they are packed with benefits that any professional athlete would recognize. Anchovies, herring, mackerels, oysters, and salmon meats are extremely good for the brain, as they are packed with omega -3 fatty acids. 30% of the brain is made up of fatty acids, which makes omega-3’s essential for any brain-healthy diet.

Add Beets To Your Diet

Some people do not find beets an appetizing food. Even if you find beets unfavorable to your liking, you should still include them in your diet. Doing so will help protect your body against free radicals, which have shown to cause cancer. Beets are packed full of antioxidants, as well as nitrates. These molecules are capable of inhibiting the oxidation of other molecules, leading to reduced risk of a variety of cancers, including stomach, brain, breast, and colon.

Eat More Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is without a doubt one of the best types of lettuce on the market. This type of lettuce is packed full of properties that are capable of increasing the amount of clean blood to the brain. This action results in overall better brain function. If you are not a fan of lettuce, you may be surprised with how romaine differs from its counterparts, iceberg, leaf, and butterhead.

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