The Best Juice to Improve Your Memory


There are always great ways to improve your memory and to become a healthier person. And it’s true that “we are what we eat,” because what we eat and drink as well as how well we take care of ourselves will show in your skin, in how well you function, with just how much energy you have, how you feel, and even when it comes to your memory. I found that this particular juice helps with all of the above, but especially helped me improve my memory

Below I’ve posted pictures, as well as some prices if you’re trying to watch your spendings. Buying pre-made juices or even ordering juices from a health bar will not only be very expensive and especially if you’re indulging in them daily, but they also won’t have the same effect. 
I highly recommend picking out your own produce. Stick to organic whenever possible. And in case you’re wondering, the beet leaves were all free. You merely have to ask someone in produce if you can have some, and they’ll always give them to you. Just be nice!

One bunch of organic green kale, a handful of organic celery leaves, one tiny piece of turmeric, one bunch of organic Italian parsley, one large organic cucumber, and one large bunch of organic beet leaves $5.68

One organic beet, 3 organic carrots, one piece of organic turmeric, organic ginger, one bunch of organic celery, one bunch of organic beet leaves, and one organic cucumber (juiced separately). $5.17 Whole Foods

One organic beet, one bunch of organic collard greens, one organic turmeric root, one organic ginger root, one organic cucumber, and two bunches of organic beet leaves $4.82

Here’s a different version of brain juice, but a little less expensive.

Organic dino kale, turmeric, 3 organic carrots, organic beet leaves $3.27

And yet another version of brain juice, but even less expensive.

One organic bunch of kale, one piece of organic turmeric, and two bunches of organic beet leaves $2.59

If you want to keeps things light, quench your thirst, and perhaps spend a little less, try this brain juice.

One organic cucumber $1.50

There are many different versions of brain juice. But the one thing that they all have in common, well except for the cucumber only juice, is that they all contain beet leaves. They’re incredible for improving your memory. And if you want to see proven research, you can do your own research by trying it, and seeing how you feel. Last, but not least, don’t forget to drink a lot of water when you’re juicing. 

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