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Waxing, doing the make-up, styling the hair, and going to regular facial treatments are just some of the numerous beauty activities women go through on a weekly or even daily basis. Taking care of our hair, skin, and body has never been more complex, and sometimes even the most meticulous care isn’t enough to solve all of our beauty problems. If you’re also facing some of them, check out the best solutions to fix them. 

Acne-Causing Moisturizer 

Our skin needs plenty of moisturizing and hydration in order to stay firm and elastic, but sometimes when you fix the problem of dry, dull skin, you cause another – breakouts. Many moisturizers will clog your pores, causing them to become inflamed or infected, which always results in pimples, blackheads or whiteheads. One of the ways to solve this problem is to look for lanolin-free moisturizers. Oil-based creams containing wheat germ oils, soybean, vegetable, and coconut oil are also moisturizers that will likely cause breakouts on your skin, so it would be best if you avoided them and go for water-based and oil-free creams and lotions. 

Clogged Pores 

If your pores are clogged, and especially after a thorough cleansing treatment, it’s likely time you stepped up your cleansing routine. Also, this probably means that you’re not cleaning your face properly every day, so make sure you know all the steps to a thorough face cleanse. Wash away all the make-up and grime with a face washing foam after you remove all the make-up with some of the micellar make-up removers. A gentle scrub will remove all of the dead cells from your skin, and in the process, making it a flawless canvas for further make-up. Also, if you’re working out, make sure you always properly clean your face from all the sweat and oiliness on the skin, so that the acne won’t be able to appear due to all the oils and grime accumulating in your pores. 

Unwanted Hair 

From armpits to arms, to bikini area and legs, women face unwanted hair problems every day, and even with the most long-term waxing solutions at our hand, it’s never as long as we’d like it to be. This is why laser hair removal should be your one and only option for getting rid of unwanted hair on your body. This is especially true if you’ve decided to visit Australia for example, and you can’t wait to swim in the ocean and soak up some sun at some of Sydney’s gorgeous beaches.

So, don’t wait for a second longer but schedule your laser hair removal treatment in Sydney as soon as possible and make your body smooth and hair-free. Not only will it be cheaper in the long run, but you’ll also get permanent results, thinner hair, and you won’t have to think about those pesky cuts or rashes. Laser hair removal is less painful than waxing or razoring, and you’ll never have to deal with ingrown hairs again. The fact that it’s perfectly safe for your skin only gives you another reason to schedule your first appointment in Sydney immediately and enjoy your Australian vacation. 

Chapped Lips 

Cold weather, insufficient hydration and excessive use of matte lipsticks are just some of the potential causes of chapped lips. Smoking, allergies or deficiencies in certain vitamins are also some possible reasons, but luckily with a few solutions, you’ll have the softest lips ever. First, you should think about moisturizing them more often with nourishing lip balms. If you’re constantly picking them, you need to find a way to stop, because otherwise, you can cause massive damage, trauma and even infection. Vaseline will hydrate your lips perfectly if you apply it a few times a day. Use a clean toothbrush to exfoliate the lips gently, or use one of the exfoliating lip scrubs to remove all the dead skin cells and prepare them for hydration. 

Overly Plucked Eyebrows 

Eyebrows give a certain shape to your face, which makes them an essential part of your beauty routine. If you pluck them too much or create the wrong shape, your face will get an entirely new and probably unattractive dimension. If that happens, you’ll have to grow them out again, and until they get the shape that you’ve wanted you can use precise eyebrow shaping pens, pomades, markers, shadows, or gels and shape them the way you like. Just make sure you use colour more muted than your actual brow colour. 

Women face various beauty problems day in day out, but luckily there’s a solution to all of them. So, if you’re having any of the previously mentioned problems, feel free to try out the aforementioned solutions and you’ll be able to see for yourself that they work like a charm.

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