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Breakouts are not only uncomfortable to deal with, but they can really make you feel self-conscious and damage your self-esteem. It’s a common misconception that only teenagers and young adults suffer from breakouts; more and more adults have started to struggle with them too in recent years. If you’ve tried absolutely everything to get rid of your breakouts to no avail, it may be time to press reset on your skincare routine and go back to bare basics. Here are four easy steps to get the clearest skin you’ve ever had: 

Rebuild Your Skin Barrier 

If you’re suffering from acne or breakouts, it may be a sign that your skin barrier has been compromised. Healthy skin is capable of restoring and protecting itself impressively well, but when your skin barrier is weakened, your body is unable to fend off bad bacteria and properly regulate sebum production that can lead to clogged pores and pimples. Keep your skin barrier strong and healthy by cutting out overly aggressive skincare products that may contain harsh chemicals from your routine. Consider switching to organic beauty products by Well Within Beauty

Well Within Beauty offers a complete lineup of all the basic skincare products you need for a solid routine. Each one is made from only the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. To keep your skin healthy and properly hydrated, try their nourishing 
antioxidant moisturizer, featuring a quality blend of botanicals and plant oils that will feed your skin the essential nutrients and vitamins it needs to stay strong. 

Switch to a Gentle Cleanser 


Most people don’t think much about the cleansers they use, assuming that since you rinse it off after a few seconds anyway, it doesn’t matter much what ingredients your cleanser contains. The truth is that cleanser is one of the most disruptive products you can put on your skin. Overly harsh cleansers that contain aggressive surfactants like SLS can strip your skin of its natural moisture, giving you that “squeaky clean” feeling. Many people mistake this feeling like a good thing—a sign that their skin is “extra clean”—but the truth is that healthy skin should never feel this way. 

A good cleanser will leave your skin feeling clean but also plump and not dry. If you are suffering from breakouts, a harsh cleanser may only further aggravate your condition. 
that doesn’t contain SLS, and that has a pH level close to that of healthy skin—around 5 to 6. 

Introduce an Acid 

The thought of putting acid on your face may sound terrifying, but we obviously don’t mean just any kind of acid. Facial acids such as alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acid are perfectly safe to use and can do an excellent job of 
gently yet effectively exfoliating your skin. This gets rid of dead skin cells that may be clogging your pores and causing your breakouts. 

Facial acids are better to use than aggressive scrubs which can cause microtears on the surface of your skin and leave it feeling sensitized and raw. When using facial acids, introduce them to your routine one at a time, and go slowly. Start by using them once a day at night every two days for a week, then gradually work up to once or twice a day, depending on how tolerant your skin is. The best acids to use for breakout-prone skin include salicylic acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid. These do an amazing job of penetrating deep into your pores and clearing out the gunk that may be blogging them and causing pimples. 

Protect Your Skin 

Last but definitely not least, you should protect your skin every single day, especially once you’ve introduced acids into your routine. Sunscreen is an absolute must, even on overcast or rainy days, as the sun’s harmful rays are extremely penetrative and can go through clouds and windows to damage your skin. 
Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and make sure it offers broad-spectrum protection, which means that it can shield your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. 

Following these four steps consistently should really clear your breakouts in about six to eight weeks. Be patient and don’t expect instant results; you need to give your skin time to recover and rebuild itself. Stick with this barebones routine for a month or two, and you should soon enjoy having the clearest, healthiest skin you’ve ever had.

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