Be a Good Role Model for Your Kids and Develop Good Health Habits in Them



When we are raising children what we do is as important as what we say. So in order to be a good role model for our child, we need to show them not just tell them, this means that 
developing good habits when it comes to their health needs to come from our own daily routines. We cannot eat pizza while we make them eat kale. So here are some great pieces of advice to help you set off on a path to a healthier lifestyle that will have a positive impact on your entire family, and most importantly on your children.

Let’s start with nutrition

Eating healthy is, as you know, extremely important. Especially in today’s world where we are surrounded by fast food, unhealthy ingredients and huge amounts of sugar in almost everything we buy. Now, in order for our child to grow up healthy and to adopt a quality eating regimen, we, as parents, need to do our part from the very start. First of all, we should treat all food equally and every variety of food should find its place on your dining table at some point. There is no need to restrict any type of food, that will make them crave it, even more, the second they leave the house. When they are young, don’t make a big deal about them eating vegetables, it should be considered normal. And even more importantly, make sure you don’t treat sweets as rewards because they will learn that when they want to reward themselves, candy will be their first stop. Why not a piece of fruit?

Finally, don’t use the very famous excuse, the lack of time. Even if you don’t have the time or the knowledge to prepare healthy meals every day of the week, you can rely on trusted restaurants to offer you 
comprehensive healthy meal plans and even get the food delivered to your door. That way you can just sit at the table and have a great healthy meal with your child. There is no excuse for introducing microwave food, ready meals or fast food into your home. And the same goes for outings, choose restaurants that offer a variety of quality food instead of getting a burger and a coke.

Don’t forget about exercise

If you want your child to be healthy sitting in front of the TV with them every day is not the right way. Nor is simply taking them to soccer or volleyball practice a few times a week. They need to see that their parents are staying active and 
taking care of themselves. And it can also be a great way of bonding with your kids. So, for starters introduce joint activities you can do as a family. Anything from cycling to jogging or swimming. You can even opt for family aerobics or yoga, as long as you keep it light and fun. That way your child will see physical activity and exercise as something positive and fun, and that is one of the healthiest notions you can install in them.

Help them relax

Stress can really wreak havoc on our health, and children are no exception. It is important to show them early on how to deal with different types of stress and how to overcome those situations. Of course, talking is key. Every time you see your child is stressed sit them down and have a conversation about the cause, and then provide them with a constructive idea on how to deal with it. But more importantly, we, as parents, need to lead by example. This means that you need to show them that you also get stressed, and at the same time show them how you deal with it. So instead of getting angry or lashing out at them. Explain your emotions, explain the cause and how you are dealing with it. This will create a healthy pattern of thought that they can apply later on in life, and at the same time, you will be equipping them to cope with the stressful situation that they are bound to find themselves through their childhood and later on their adult life. 

There you have it, some great ways to be a good role model for your child when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.


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