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With the pandemic still dictating the way of life in many countries, it’s ever so important that we continue practising the appropriate safety measures to protect ourselves and those around us. You and your family can find yourselves in a lockdown. In that case, your responsibilities as a parent multiply. Keeping your kids busy is going to be one of the most important and most challenging tasks on your to-do list. Without their usual routine and school friends to play with, you have to come up with an array of activities. These activities not only entertain but also teach them. Here are a few ideas your kids will benefit from.

Keep the Kids Physically Active

Physical activity is so important, but it can take the backseat during a lockdown, so you have to make sure your children get enough exercise even when they spend their time around the house. Make sure that rather than a chore, you treat working out as a fun play. Set up little exercise stations in your yard with different tasks. Also, bring out the sports equipment, get some hula hoops and jumping rope, etc. Kids will love them, and you’ll be able to rest assured that they will sleep soundly after moving to their heart’s content. You can stay active even if you need to stay inside. Why not take this opportunity to learn dancing together? Dancing is not only a great exercise; it’s also an exercise for the brain!

Make Use of Learning Opportunities for Your Kids


In the 21st century, learning opportunities truly abound, and it’s all at our fingertips. From zoos offering live footage of their animals to museums holding virtual exhibitions, you can find something amusing and age-appropriate for your children. Are your children animal lovers? Head to National Geographic Kids, and you will find a lot of content that will keep your little ones busy for hours. Or are they little scientists? Older kids can browse space-related topics on NASA’s website for education. Find out your child’s interests, and they will be eager to learn more. You can even create fun quizzes about the topics covered and have a friendly family face-off!

Come Up With Creative Activities for the Kids

It’s important to nurture children’s creativity and allow them to express themselves. Creative activities can also keep them occupied for hours on end. Therefore, you can catch up with your tasks in the meantime. Don’t hold them back from making a mess – take the activity outside or place protective plastic on the floor if you’re worried. You can browse YouTube for all the tutorials you will ever need, from making your playdough, bird feeder, or even your own board game to tie-dyeing T-shirts and painting masterpieces. Creative activities are both fun and fulfilling so make sure you allow your kids some space!

Take Up Gardening Together

Another activity that will be manifold beneficial for both your children and yourself is taking up gardening. Gardening is a hobby that has it all: it keeps you outdoors and allows you to get fresh air, it involves physical activity, it lets you do something with your hands and experience a sense of accomplishment at the end. It’s a fantastic way to teach kids about the environment and involve them in the “adult world” they are always so keen on. Kids of all ages can help out with different tasks. Choose a few easy-to-grow vegetables like zucchini, carrots, or green beans, and success will be guaranteed. With a hydroponic system, your little vegetable garden will be easy to take care of and your children will be excited to eat the produce they grew themselves.

Involve Them in the Kitchen

As already mentioned, kids love to imitate adults and are always looking to “help out” in their activities. So, why not involve your children in cooking or baking? Not only will this teach them valuable lessons, but they will also help out, and time will fly this way. Start from something simple and allow them to make their sandwiches. That will let them both express their creativity and use the vegetables they grew themselves. Then, you can also pick not too complicated recipes together and make delicious meals for the whole family. While preparing the food, teach your child about where the ingredients come from, how they are used, or anything else related to them.

Kids might get bored easily in a lockdown, so it’s a good idea to have a few plans up your sleeve. If you incorporate the aforementioned ideas in their daily routine, their time will be well-spent and they’ll even learn something every day.

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