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Self-development is one of the key concepts of success and acquiring the right knowledge is the step towards success. The insight of self-development can be obtained from the attainment of knowledge that remains outside of ourselves. The easiest method of filling this gap in the current age is through some ebooks that are freely available and downloadable. This article presents some of the best free self-development books to download for free. 

What Matters Now

Written by one of the marketing and entrepreneurship stalwarts Seth Godin, “What Matters Now” is a compilation of thoughts and ideas of several other influential people across the globe. For the best interest of the readers, there are multiple single-page sections, each dealing with different areas of life individually. It is more of a booklet than a book, consisting of just 82 pages.

Download: What Matters Now (PDF)

How to Get More From Life

Creator of a very successful blog exploring the inert question of the best possible method of learning, Scott H. Young is the writer of this book. This book is a collection and compilation of some of the excellent blog posts of the writer. The prime target of this ebook is to instil a positive outlook within you to attain a better version of yourself.

Download: How to Get More From Life (PDF)

7 Keys to Discovering Your Passion

This book discusses the ways to discover what your passions are before it’s too late and utilize that skill for your well-being. It can be anything beginning from a creative hobby to an entrepreneurial mindset. You will not understand or recognize it unless you truly search for it. 

Download: 7 Keys to Discovering Your Passion (PDF)

Career Satisfaction from Within

Is it enough to sustain your family through your job or career? The real question is are you mentally satisfied with your career or job? You have to keep yourself engaged in some meaningful career to sustain but at the same time, it must be ensured that it does not become mentally too draining or exhausting for you. This book allows you to have an insight regarding the reasons for dissatisfaction with our position and status in life and what are the means to look beyond that.

Download: Career Satisfaction from Within (PDF)

How to Kill the Inner Critic

A quick-read spanning more than 50 pages will undoubtedly leave you with more understanding of how to fight inner critics or to make friends with them. This book was written by blogger Alex Monaco, who had a very unhappy childhood. Read this book, and you’ll find extremely sincere recommendations, which will help you to find happiness, fulfilment in life. The topics of this free book will give you a lot of useful information about self-confidence and methods to change habits. 

Download: How toKill the Inner Critic

These free quick reads will surely change your outlook and mindset for the better. 

279 Days to Overnight Success

This is the book by Chris Guillebeau consisting of various business-oriented tips and strategies to ensure success. The basic concept of the book is that there is no short-cut to success. Only perseverance, hard work, and the desire to remain in the game till the end are the pillars of success. Success comes from grit, time, and effort. 

Download: 279 Days to Overnight Success

How to Practice the Art of Life Balance

Extreme work pressure often compels us to work more and work hard. This destroys the work-life balance thus affecting your mental satisfaction in more ways than one. Ensuring the proper work-life balance is the key to success and satisfaction. Ideally, we must not involve in work at the cost of our personal lives and endeavours. 

This 107-page booklet is a compilation of multiple resources and stories of identical pictures across the world. This book will show you the right ways and methods to strike out the perfect balance between personal life and professional life.

Download: How to Practice the Art of Life Balance (PDF)

101 Things To Do Before You Die

As there is no promise for the future and it is not assured, it is best to make the optimum use of time as long as we live. We live every day till we die. Therefore, without killing time in mindless scrolling, do something constructive or creative so you don’t have to regret it during your death. The unique thought-provoking book will surely set your life back into motion with a changed approach and outlook.

Download: 101 Things To Do Before You Die

Beautiful Calm

This mini 26-page powerful booklet focuses on the importance of meditation to restore balance and tranquillity into your life. This meditation need not necessarily be religious or spiritual, but it certainly can be so, as per your suitability of thoughts and approach towards life. The concept of self-reflection is the soul of this book. 

Download: Beautiful Calm (PDF)

The One Skill

This book is all about handling the villains of your mental satisfaction—procrastination, fear, feeling of insecurity, anger, stress. Deep down you possess that realization, that if you could let go of these, you would probably be much happier and satisfied. But you cannot figure out the ways to do so. This book will shed light on that part. Letting go of fear, anger, stress, etc. is that mental skill and ability which is the prime of all; a skill that unequivocally benefits all, letting you attain an entirely new level of mental satisfaction.

Download: The One Skill (PDF)

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