Cannabis and Celebrities Have Often Coincided



Several famous people have been spotted with marijuana joints and edibles in the past, including Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Wiz Khalifa, Carlos Santana, and many others. The list of celebrities who have grown their own weed seeds and consumed marijuana includes Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg. Even Apple co-founder Steve Jobs admitted to eating pot brownies in the 1970s.Β 


In recent years, cannabis and Jay-Z have become synonymous – the rapper’s MONOGRAM brand has created a line of marijuana-infused products. The company’s latest campaign, “Monogram: Sounds From the Grow Room,” recreates classic photos of Slim Aarons and The Beatles through a contemporary lens. The brand’s music lineup includes music from Outkast, Bob Marley, D’Ange, and Stevie Wonder.

Lady Gaga

In late October, cannabis and Lady Gaga were on the agenda for the Grammy Awards. The singer and cannabis advocate performed several songs from her latest album ‘ARTPOP’ and sang with her longtime collaborator R Kelly. In addition, the two celebrities shared a stage together in a Saturday Night Live sketch that was more sexual than other sketches. Cannabis and Lady Gaga have often coincided, and many of these associations may be unintended.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa and cannabis have long coincided. His projects have consistently included references to cannabis, including “Kush & Orange Juice” and “Bong Rips.” His tweets about waking up and baking daily have also reflected his love for the drug. The rapper is currently on tour in Europe and has even announced a new brand of rolling papers named after the herb.

Carlos Santana

The grammy-winning guitarist and hall-of-fame member of the Grateful Dead are launching his own cannabis brand. He’s the latest high-profile musician to do so, following the likes of Bob Marley, Micky Hart, and Left Coast Ventures. Santana has been associated with weed culture for decades and has also advocated for the legalization of marijuana.

Willie Nelson

It is no secret that Willie Nelson and cannabis have often coincidentally been linked. In 2008, the country singer agreed to guest star on Snoop Dogg’s track, “My Medicine,” in Amsterdam. The two of them hit up every coffee shop in Amsterdam and ended up at Kentucky Fried Chicken. They even smoked off, we wonder if they use nugsmasher rosin press during the show-off. Snoop Dogg confirmed that Nelson had out smoked him.

Martha Stewart

Cannabis and Martha Stewart have long had a love-hate relationship. While Martha Stewart is an ambassador for the world’s largest cannabis company, she has shied away from fully associating her brand with cannabis. However, recently, she partnered with Snoop Dogg on a VH1 cooking show and has since been linked with cannabis. The pair also promote marijuana as a natural cure for chronic fatigue.

Dr. Greenthumb

B-Real is a hip-hop legend and one of the newest entrants to the cannabis industry, and his latest venture is the opening of his own line of flower. B-Real and Kenji Fujishima, a master cultivator with over 20 years of experience, are collaborating on this line. B-Real and Dr. Greenthumb have a lot to say about the business of cannabis, so we talked to him about his experience selecting his own strain.


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