10 Reasons NOT to Call It Quits in a Relationship



We’ve all been there, done that, and have gotten to the point in relationships where it seems we’ve done almost everything to keep it alive and thriving. Sometimes relationships have ups, where everything is exciting and full of life. But, sometimes relationships have struggles, and the couple needs to work on things in order for them to improve. Anything good in life takes hard work, and that definitely includes relationships.

There are definitely times when two people should break up and call it quits. However, there will be times when a couple shouldn’t call it quits for certain reasons. Sometimes a couple’s reasons for wanting to break up are petty, illogical, and purely based on expectations that haven’t been met. In this article, I intend on shedding some light on this matter. As well, I’m hoping that for those out there that are in a relationship, and going through a difficult or challenging time, they’ll remember what really matters in life, in love, and in having a good partner.

Here Are Ten Reasons Not to Call It Quits.

1. You can’t imagine being with anyone else.

2. When your body starts craving affection, it’s that one person that you think of.

3. You’re both willing to work on your relationship, and you both accept blame at different times. You may go through ups and downs throughout your relationship, but you’re going on an uphill path where things improve over time. 

You both love each other and are with each other for the right reasons.

5. You have the same ultimate goals in life, and you hope to move forward towards that life with this one special person.

6. You’re each other’s best friend. You can always count on each other to be there during the good times and the bad times. You have each other’s back, and can’t imagine anyone hurting or harming the other person. Your love is unconditional for each other. 

Despite the hard times, you see yourself with this person, and can truly imagine growing old with them by your side.

8. The good in the relationship is better than the bad.

9. The passion, fire, and chemistry are still there. As well as the makeup sex when arguments occur.

10. The intensity of your love and passion for the other person has grown over time, not disintegrated or lessened by any means. 

When you know that you’ve met your match, and you both truly love each other, take a deep breath. Appreciate what your relationship has, as opposed to what it doesn’t. Remember to give, and not only take. As well, remember to show appreciation to your partner. Make the time to enjoy “date night.” Affection is very important in life and in relationships, so give your partner a warm embrace, and love them through the good times and the bad times.

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