Be Your Child’s Best Friend


Being a good parent means being selfless, and putting your kids before yourself. Many times people desire to be their child’s best friend, and someone that they can turn to at any time of need. I’m definitely a big believer in being your child’s best friend, that is of course, if they’ll accept you as one. I can tell you from my own personal experience, that being your child’s best friend is incredible.

I know what a great privilege it is to be a parent, and I’ll never take that for granted. I feel like the luckiest mommy in the whole wide world. And I truly value the friendship that I’ve developed with my children, and how close we are. I would never take my children or their trust and love for granted. I value them as individuals, and as the closest people that I have in my life. And more than anything, I want to teach them the importance of unconditional love, and I plan to endlessly show them through my words and my actions how unconditional love is something that they’ll always get from me.

But having said that, knowing that I’m my children’s best friend and how close we are, I have to concentrate even harder on being a good parent, by setting rules and having boundaries. Many times, children will take advantage of the fact that you feel and act so loving and close to them, and they’ll test your limits, push your buttons, and see just how far they can take things. Many times, they’ll be disobedient, and they’ll even provoke you to try to get you to react.

Now, don’t read into this, because thank God, I don’t have big issues with my children, and I truly hope that it remains that way. However, anything good in life takes hard work, effort, and an insane amount of love. But I’m willing to do that, and to give it whatever it takes in order to be a great mom, and someone that my kids will always come to for anything.

Despite how confident we all might be in life, as parents, we doubt ourselves and we question just how good of a parent we really are. When you become a parent, you care about how you act even more. Suddenly, the things that you say and do weigh a lot more heavily than they did before you were a parent. And not just that, but you also strive for perfection at times, and desire to make it so that your kids like you, and not merely love you.

I’ve heard some parents say that they don’t really need or desire to have their child be their best friend, and that they’re more concerned with them giving them respect and recognizing them as their parent, the big cheese, and the one in charge. But I beg to differ, because you see, my children come to me for advice, they confide in me, and they trust me enough to know that I won’t judge them for the mistakes that they make. And we all make mistakes in life. They know that I’ll discipline them and be the parent, but that they’ll always have a friend that will be there in times of need.

Great friendships are really hard to find, but not only to find, but even more so, to maintain and last throughout a lifetime. This is just another reason why it’s great to be your child’s best friend. Your child will never lose you as a friend. Besides, many times friendships end and cause heartache and sadness. And this is why I want to spread the word, and to let you know my thoughts on how you should be your child’s best friend. Your unconditional love and friendship are two of the biggest gifts that you can give to your children, so by all means, give them your love, your trust, your friendship, and let them know how much you value it.

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