Am I Considered a Good Parent?


Whether you’re a mom, dad, or guardian, there’s a part of each and everyone of us, a part deep down inside that wants to know that we’re a good parent. I think that the best parents are usually more of the humble types, where they simply consider themselves to be trying their best, and always trying to improve. These types of parents never seem to think of themselves as better parents than the next.

Being a good parent takes hard work, discipline, patience, and love. Surprisingly enough, the best parents use an authoritative parenting style in which they discipline their children by setting rules and boundaries, but they also show their children love with a good amount of nurture and affection. I’m definitely a bigger fan of the authoritative parenting style. But like everyone else, I’m far from perfect, and I have a long way to go.

I don’t really think that there’s a perfect definition of what a good parent is. However, I think that if a parent is willing to try by putting out a lot of love and effort into being the best that they can be, that’s a good parent if you ask me. Hey, that’s a good person if you’d ask me as well! There’s never really an endpoint or a finish line when it comes to becoming an enlightened individual or a fabulous mommy or daddy.

When it comes to being a good parent, it takes an incredible amount of patience, and it’s important to know and understand, and even accept the fact that each and everyone of us is imperfect, and will make mistakes at some point. You can’t expect to be a perfect parent, but simply to become a better parent as time goes bye. The more children that we have, the more experience that we get. As well, even if you only have one child, the older that child gets, the more comfortable we get as parents in regards to how we raise and care for our child.

I’m a single parent with two kids who stay with me half of the week, every week, and I can honestly tell you that I love being a parent more than anything in the world. When it comes to raising my kids, for the most part, it’s been a breeze. However, I suppose I’m thinking of the big picture, and as a whole. If I dissect every little stage of being a parent and raising my children, I’d likely think that it was a bit challenging at times. The fact is, it is challenging at times, but each time that we make it through a challenge as a parent or in anything in life, we feel good about it. When we feel good about something, it’s somewhat of an achievement, and a success.

My son had bad food allergies and breathing issues when he was young, and now that my daughter is a teenager, she’s more than a handful. So there have definitely been some challenges. But either way, I can honestly tell you that having children is the biggest blessing I’ve ever had the chance of experiencing and embracing, and I would definitely do it again.

I think that every parent that cares about being a good parent is actually a good parent. We should all give ourselves a pat on the back once in awhile, and especially when no one’s there to do it for us. It’s important that we don’t become too hard on ourselves as parents, and forgive ourselves at times when we mess up. Like I said before, we’re all bound to mess up at some point. It’s just important that we learn from our mistakes, and don’t repeat them.

Remember, being a good mommy, daddy, or guardian is all about how much love, nurture, and effort we put into raising our kids. Kids respect parents that set boundaries and give them rules, despite what they might think of course. Sometimes we have to be the bad guy and discipline our kids, but in the long run, we’re being a good parent by doing so.

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