Ways To Create More Space in Your Backyard



A nice backyard is one of the best perks of being a homeowner. Unfortunately, not everyone has an entire acre of lawn space, though. Even the smallest of yards can feel large and open with the right approach. If you’d like to open up your yard, try some or one of these ideas. They should make things feel a bit more spacious.

Instead of a Privacy Fence, Consider Something Natural

Nothing seems more constraining than a boring privacy fence. Instead of one of those, plant a row of hedges. Something about nature feels a lot less constrictive. Plus, beautiful hedges can look quite aesthetic. You can also opt for using bamboo privacy screens. They can look more sleek and natural than a wood fence but can offer the same amount of privacy. If you don’t care about privacy, remove your back fence to open up your yard even more. 

Open Up the View to Your Yard

Sometimes, it’s not that your yard is too small. It’s actually that your view has been blocked. Are there any columns on your patio? If so, patio column removal could be all that you need. Opening up the view to your yard can make it seem much bigger. Trees in your backyard can be nice, but sometimes they can become too large and make your space feel confined. If this is the case for you, you might want to consider removing a tree or two in your yard. This can also open up your yard for a better view. 

Use a Minimalist Approach

Everybody loves hanging out in their backyard, especially with nice furniture. However, if you don’t have a ton of space, you’ve got to be careful. Overcrowding a small yard is an easy way to make it feel even smaller. That doesn’t mean you can’t have nice stuff back there, though. Strategically decorate your yard with small furniture. That way, it shouldn’t take up too much room. Modern furniture is sleek and minimal in design, which can be a great option for your backyard. Take a trip to some furniture stores near you to see what options are available. You don’t have to completely get rid of all the furniture from your backyard, just switch it out for some better options. 

Portable Features Add Some Functionality

Would you like to have a fire pit in your backyard? Without enough space, that could make things feel a little cramped. Still, by using something portable, you could have the best of both worlds. Invest in portable yard features. That way, you can remove them when they aren’t being used. You can get a portable grill if you don’t have space for a firepit. Get furniture that you can put away or move to the side. Folding chairs are a great alternative to large lounge chairs. 

Don’t Forget About Vertical Space

Most of the time, people don’t even consider their vertical space. Organizing things vertically could really open things up. For example, consider creating a vertical garden. Most gardens take up a ton of ground, but one of those won’t. You can plant herbs vertically to save a lot of space. It can also give your backyard a unique look that will impress everyone. Instead of planting bushes that take up a lot of space, plant a tall, lean tree. 

Creative Storage Solutions Might Do the Trick

Storage benches are an ideal solution for most small yards. These give you somewhere to sit, and you can put stuff in them. Thus, you won’t have to dedicate any space to storage. You might not have thought about adding storage alternatives to your backyard, but they can be a great option. You might also want to downsize your storage shed. Organize it well and cut down on the space you need to store tools and equipment.

Small yards are some of the most fun to decorate. You might not have as much room to work with, but you can still make them look great. Hopefully, these ideas have inspired a few of your own. If you need more help, contact a landscaping company. They have an eye for design, especially for small yards, and can help find solutions that will work for you. 


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