DIY Remodel Hacks for the Not-So-Handyman



You might remember growing up with one or both of your parents regularly tackling repairs and renovations around the house. Whether you watched with a sharp eye or not, you still didn’t manage to pick up any of those skills. Adding to your knowledge base can help you to become more handy with projects around the house.

Learn Basic Repairs

Calling an electrician to simply change a lightbulb is likely a waste of time and money. Put together a list of those little tasks that you’ve always wanted to learn how to do. As you learn how to perform each one, cross the item off of your list. To boost your motivation, start with the easiest tasks. Seeing progress can give you the inspiration to continue.

You don’t need to know everything or have expensive tools to be able to fix certain things around the house. A simple electric drill and some screws can come in a long way. For example, if your living room only has blinds and you want to install a curtain rod then you should be able to do so yourself without having to hire someone. Save that money and buy a nice pair of curtains instead.

You will just need basic tools like a tape measure to know the length of your curtain. Measure the height. Standard curtains are 64″, 84″, 94″ tall. You want to make sure that they hang a couple of inches from the floor. You can find a curtain rod and all you’ll need is an electric screwdriver and the screws that come with the kit. If there was never a curtain rod in the past you will need to screw in the holes yourself. This is something beginners can do that will have a big impact on the look and temperature of your home.

Know What to Leave

Part of learning about repairs and remodeling is knowing what you can do yourself as opposed to what you need to hire professionals for. While going through your list of do-it-yourself possibilities, see if room exists to add more. In other words, as you conquer small feats, you may feel that adding more challenging ones to the list is a possibility. On the other hand, understand that major projects, such as electrical work, must be performed by qualified experts.

Buy Materials

Some projects simply require the help of professionals, but you can still participate in the process. For example, if you want to remodel the kitchen or bathroom, speak with the remodelers about purchasing your own materials. As long as you know what it is that you have to buy, shopping for these materials can provide you with more control over how the space looks.

Consider Decor

Remember that remodeling does not necessarily need to involve knocking down walls or adding new plumbing to an existing space. Going to a local shop and purchasing cute decor and some new furniture can totally change the appearance of a room or even the entire house. You may even want to change the decor of your house on a seasonal basis so that you can always have a new look.

Right now, you might think that the only way for you to make changes to your house is to become a professional handyman or to hire one. However, this path isn’t the only option. Instead, you can learn about some smaller changes to make to your home. Then, as you build up your skills and range of knowledge, you can infuse even more sophisticated approaches into your plan.


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