Friend Feeling Down? 4 Ways to Lift Their Spirits



Everyone feels down at times, and sometimes this includes a dear friend. When your friend is unhappy, you probably have a tough time being happy too. Instead of allowing them to be in distress, have a positive mindset, and try lifting their spirits.

1. Make Them Laugh

There’s almost no better way to lift a friend’s spirits than to make them laugh. If one method doesn’t work, try something else. One idea is to find some funny videos online to get them laughing. You can even send them a few during their workday through text. This is sure to brighten their day even a little bit. Besides this, tell a few jokes, or remind them of funny memories you’ve experienced together. The goal is to help them forget about what bothers them and focus on something humorous.

2. Send Them Flowers

Flowers can be a meaningful gift to someone because they come in bright colors. Further, they can make a person feel more positive. You can consider
flower delivery, or head to the store to grab some. Make the gift personal by choosing their favorite flower or color. They might enjoy receiving a single flower in a pot or a whole bouquet. While yellow is a cheery color, red is often perceived as romantic. Types of flowers you can give are roses, tulips, daisies, lilies, carnations, peonies, and others. Getting flowers from a friend is a great way to feel loved and cared for. It’s sure to give them a mood boost for the day.

3. Listen to Their Problems

Listening to your friend’s problems can mean the world to them. In fact, he or she might have no one else in their life who cares enough when they’re down. It’s important to be understanding of their feelings by being an attentive listener. Additionally, make every effort not to judge, because they need someone to care about them. Taking time out of your day
for a friend is a selfless act. This is a great way to have a check-in with your friend as well. This will allow you to assess their current mental state. If you’re worried about them, it can be an opportunity to see if professional help would be more fitting for them at this time. 


4. Give Them a Book


Getting lost in a book is a great way to forget about reality. Consider giving a book filled with inspirational quotes, a work of fiction, something travel-related, or whatever your friend might enjoy reading. A few genres include classics, literary fiction, historical fiction, romance, detective and mystery, action and adventure, fantasy, science fiction, comic books, and more. You can find exceptional books at bookstores, thrift stores, and online. Or, just lend them one of your favorite books you already have. 


The best remedy for their unhappiness may be your companionship. After all, no one quite understands a person unless they’re truly a good friend. Be a genuine friend in times of need, and a real friend will be there for you.


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