Why You Should Be Each Other’s Backbone


There are ups and downs, good times, bad times, and even very, very challenging or difficult times in life. When we’re in a relationship or married, it’s important to be there for each other whenever we can. We should be uplifting energy for our partner during difficult times, and be a supportive partner. Being emotionally supportive is something that best friends or family do for each other. But when you’re committed to someone and you truly care for them, you’ll treat them like family, like a best friend, and like a true partner.

Many times, unfortunately, couples aren’t there for each other, and not necessarily because they don’t love or support their partner during challenging times, but many times, it’s more so because they have their own issues and struggles that they’re consumed with. Having said that, it’s imperative, I mean truly imperative to be there for one another and to show your partner how much they mean to you. Nothing good in life comes without hard work and effort. The best relationships and marriages are the ones where both people focus on giving and being selfless. And part of being a giving and selfless partner means having to put the other person above yourself and your own wants and needs at times.

Being in a relationship is easy and anyone can say “Be my girlfriend,” “Be my boyfriend,” or “Marry me!” But being with someone is more than just being there, and being a couple. It means giving your love, your emotional support, your trust, and your friendship to one another. It means building a solid strong foundation with each other, where if you need a shoulder to lean on, they’re there by your side, and not merely next to you, but with you on a deep level where you’re able to open up and share things with one another and be each other’s backbone when in need.

You should feel comfortable and secure with your partner. A relationship should be stable and provide a feeling of, I have this amazing person in my life who I can count on in all times, and not merely during blissful, easy, or joyful moments. Being a good partner means being each other’s rock, being there through the good and the bad, as well as having the security of knowing that you can depend on one another through sickness, through health, through blissful times, and through the more challenging moments that we experience in life.

Be that shoulder, that comfort, that person who your partner can confide in. Make each other feel secure to the point where you choose to go to them first, to confide in, to share things with, and to go to when in need. We should be our partner’s biggest fan and support them in all that they do and towards what they hope to achieve in life. But also, we should be our partner’s best friend and first choice when it comes to sharing not only the fun, exciting, and best of things, but also during the times when we could use a friend, a buddy, and just a little extra comfort, or boost of enlightenment and positivity.

Be each other’s support system and backbone. This is what real agape love is all about. It’s about making the time, being selfless, giving, supportive, and being there giving emotional support always and forever, even when it might seem harder to do, and yes, even when you have busy schedules and are consumed and find it difficult to give. Make the time, be strong, share your strength, and express your love through your words and your actions.

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