5 Fun Ideas for a Hen Party With a Difference



It’s her last night out with friends before she ties the knot. You’re the one who has to get the party organized, and you want to show all the bride’s friends a fun time that they’ll never forget. To make the event legendary, you’ll need an exceptional idea. If you’re feeling stuck, inspiration starts here! Spoiled for choice? Combine several ideas or flip a coin! Any of these off-the-wall inspirations represents a fun-filled hen party winner. 

1. Paint and Sip (Wilder Than it Sounds)

How many people would love to produce their very own paintings? Almost everyone. Who gets around to it? Very few of us! Stage your paint & sip hens party in an art studio willing to host your function – and even help with catering and entertainment. And don’t be fooled by the creative twist in this idea – your hen party can get as wild as you like. Dance, laugh, paint, and sip. Everyone gets their own painting to go home with them.

Of course, an unforgettable indoor cocktail party that sets your hen party apart. Impress the girls with a signature Jungle Bird cocktail, a delightful blend of dark rum, Campari, pineapple juice, and lime, delivering a taste of the tropics. Elevate the ambiance with tropical decor, and create a lush, exotic atmosphere for a unique and memorable hen party experience.   

2. Set a Theme for Dress and Decor

No matter where you decide to host your hen party, adding a theme makes for even more fun. There are more dress-up party ideas out there than you could ever consider all at once, so use the bride’s tastes or hobbies to set the pace. For example, if she likes to wear pink, make it a pink party and encourage all the guests to join the themed fun. Fan of the Flintstones? Game of Thrones buff? You can see where this is going! Dress-up parties are definitely not just for kids!

3. Take Your Party on Tour

No matter where you live, there’ll be a range of tourist attractions and tours to take them in. Book a guide and a bus and get the girls on board. Just be sure your tour operator knows it’s a hen do so that they can tailor the tour as a moveable party. This option is a bit of a cheat since you’ll likely be offered a menu of attractions and activities to choose from instead of having to think of everything yourself. Combine your booze cruise with a few foodie extras like cheese or wine tasting, and you’ll cater to every taste. 

4. Go Extreme

If your hen’s a daring go-getter, your inspiration has struck! Take the party bungee jumping, go abseiling, ziplining, or book tandem paragliding flights. Whatever gets the adrenaline going kicks off the party, and while you all wait for your hearts to stop fluttering after your extreme activity, it’s time to picnic, chat, and have a few giggles before heading out for drinks and dancing. Unforgettable? You bet! 

5. Stylish High Tea

High tea is a great theme to combine with costumes and it’s perfect for cake-loving hens with a taste for the finer things in life. Choose an old-style venue where tea is served in fine china and the cakes are light, fluffy, and delicious. Lay on flowers, white tablecloths, gleaming silver, and cucumber sandwiches and you’ve got the ideal setting for a low-key, elegant hen party. Don’t forget champagne to finish! Your hen might not be your average party animal, but you should still drink her health!

And There’s More

Search your area for hen party ideas and you might be surprised by what comes up. Burlesque dancing classes, karaoke nights, concerts: it’s easy to miss out on the fun until you’re tasked with finding it. Whatever you do, remember that not all your friends share the same tastes, so try to pick something that everyone is likely to enjoy. Just remember that the more unusual your idea is, the wiser it is to run it by your hen before committing to it. Now to plan that memorable party. Good luck!


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