Kindness During COVID 19 – Don’t Be a Pandemic Bully



During Covid-19 – the unfortunate 2020 Pandemic, it’s important to remember a lesson that many of us learned (or at least should have learned when we were in kindergarten). That lesson is kindness. The lesson of thinking before you speak, to do unto others, to love thy neighbour, and not to be so damn mean. Empathy plays a big role at all times, especially during challenging times. This is something that we all should keep in mind and take to heart. 

Many people have been acting as if you should believe what they believe. No one should make others feel as if they’re completely nuts to believe what they feel is right. Learn how to disagree with love and kindness or frankly, keep your mouth shut. You don’t have to nor should you try to convince people to be like you, to believe what you do, or to agree with you about anything, including how you should feel and act about this pandemic. Everyone is handling this whole thing differently. We believe different things, we have different fears, different sensitivities, different perceptions, and different levels of patience.

Many of us have become more sensitive than ever and are filled with heightened nerves, anxiety, and depression. Many are afraid, feeling lost, lonely, and enduring much hardship at this time. Just because you might be handling things with a grain of rice and with the ease of a feather, doesn’t make those who are handling things differently any weaker, crazier, or even the slightest bit dumber. Don’t be a pandemic bully.

They say, look at who sticks around during hard times, not just when things are smooth and easy-breezy. So… take a look. We’re here.

And even if it’s all about perception and what we feel are hard times as opposed to the reality, it’s irrelevant. Be kind, for the love of God. How we all feel matters and how we react to how others feel matters as well, despite our perception, their perception, our view of their perception or the reality of the situation.

Think of the Consequences of Your Words and Actions

We can have drastic effects on someone’s entire life, so proceed with love and caution. Don’t assume you know more or can predict someone’s response. You don’t know how someone will respond at their worst (or what they feel is their worst times in life). You can’t predict the future or see the complete consequences of your words and actions towards someone whether in person or through social media.

With all of us having such different opinions and perceptions, you should be nice and understanding regardless. That’s why Facebook recently created the care emoji – so that people will show more empathy and love.
Remember to be kind during these hard times, even if you’re not feeling tremendous hardship or experiencing it as much as others might be.

Just because you or the people in your circle might not be affected or aren’t struggling emotionally, physically, or financially, doesn’t mean that others aren’t. You should be considerate and empathetic to that. Control your insensitive eye rolls, and when you’re in public, look away if needed, and stop all of the unnecessary confrontations. And if you don’t like something you see on social media, ignore it. Spread some love and be peaceful for goodness sake.

There really isn’t and never was any reason that people should comment nastiness, negativity, or hate when they don’t agree with something someone writes or believes on social media. Rather, disconnect from that person if it’s that much of a nuisance or you don’t like their options or post. But to be so cruel to others, especially during such challenging times when you know for a fact that we’re all handling things so severely different from one another? Take it easy my friends. Make a difference in this world. Be nice. Let’s get through this pandemic apart but together, and with a little more empathy.

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