Having a Healthy Bedtime Routine Can Help You Bond With Your Partner



Most modern couples are so busy trying to maintain their busy career and family schedules that they often fail to dedicate time just for each other and their relationship. With the responsibility of adulthood and parenthood,
maintaining a healthy partnership can often end up on the back burner. 

The problem for couples is that they forget that their relationship takes care, time, and effort to stay strong. Setting aside a few minutes at the end of the day to
reconnect as a couple, you can start to develop a healthy bedtime routine to help you bond with your partner. You have both created the life that you have, so it’s important to remember that the core connection that keeps you together is always strong.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best
queen gel memory foam mattress on your bed or not. If you don’t make the effort to care for your partner you may as well be sleeping alone. A healthy bedtime routine between you and your partner can help you get a night of better sleep, relieve anxiety and stress and promote healthier daily rhythms. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can adopt a healthy bedtime routine to help you bond with your partner.

Go to Sleep Together

It happens more and more that one partner will head to bed while the other stays up to watch some tv or finish up some work. The best way to connect at bedtime is to go together.


Set a specific bedtime for yourselves that gives you enough time to reconnect before you fall asleep. Before you know it you will start to adapt to the rhythm of your bedtime and even find yourself looking forward to a few minutes alone with your partner.

Distraction-Free Zone

It’s a good idea to consider leaving both of your cellphones, gadgets, and tablets outside of the bedroom
to minimize distractions. This is your time to talk, cuddle and bond with your partner without the outside getting in the way.

Review Your Day

This is your chance to catch up with your partner about your respective days. Take the time to truly
listen to your partner and offer your support, advice, and encouragement where needed. It’s wonderful to have someone to whom you can unload all of your stress but try to keep your complaints to a  minimum.

The end of the day is the best time to let petty annoyances go and reflect on the actions and reactions of the day. Taking a few moments to reflect on what you were grateful for at the end of the day can help you to see your experiences with a more positive perspective.


If you have had a disagreement or argument with your partner during the day, bedtime is when you should work towards forgiveness. Couples that have been married for decades consistently give the advice to
never go to bed angry. There must be something to it. Heading to bed when you are filled with anger and anxiety can lead to more hurt feelings and a night of lower quality sleep.


The connection between couples goes well beyond the physical. And although it would be really nice to
engage in romantic activities every night before you go to sleep, there are other important ways to physically connect to your partner.  Holding hands while watching a movie, kissing and cuddling are all important aspects of maintaining a healthy physical bond.


Anything in life that you don’t take care of will eventually fall apart; including relationships. If you are looking for ways to keep the connection to your partner strong you can try these tips to help you adopt a healthy bedtime routine that will strengthen your bond. 


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