Harsh Truths That Can Happen When in a Relationship



Finding someone with whom you can emotionally connect with can be as fulfilling as it is scary. In a new relationship, we tend to have our guards on, and we tend to be somewhat distrustful of the other party until time proves we can open up. But even after you’ve gotten used to your partner’s ways, it’s not uncommon for you to discover something about them that shocks you. It’s natural for people to put on their best mask when in a relationship, and some harsh truths can be unveiled as time goes by.

Here Are Some of the Harsh Truths That You May Discover After Dating Someone for Some Time:

Loss of Interest

It’s common for one or both partners in a relationship to lose interest after a period of time. This primarily happens when the couple is never compatible, to begin with. Many people may alter their personalities to portray different traits in an attempt to impress someone that they find attractive. It’s common for an individual to
confuse infatuation or physical attraction with romantic feelings.

However, after the initial spark wears off, one or both parties will eventually lose interest. The problem is that many partners don’t realize that their differences make them incompatible, and may convince themselves that they’re with the right person. This feeling fades either with time or when one of them meets someone else that they share chemistry with.

Suffocating Your Partner with Affection

Past traumas can affect us in many ways. Some people may grow more distant and tend to be apathetic in relationships. The individual in question has been conditioned to be disappointed or abandoned, to the point that they’re afraid to express affection to their partners lest they create expectations that are not met.

On the other hand, men tend to do the opposite. It’s common for men to be overly protective and affectionate with their partners, which may drive their partners to leave them or cheat on them. If this sounds all too familiar, you can
get the right advice from relationship counselors to see where you went wrong in your former relationship. It’s best to communicate with your partner about any past traumas because any assumptions that you make are likely untrue and are merely projections.


If you ever go out with your partner, and you notice that they treat you differently when people are around, this may be a red flag in some cases. Of course, it depends on your partner. If they’re usually an introvert, it’s natural that they act differently in general when people are around. However, if they’re known for being outgoing, and they tend to be distant with you around people, your partner may be ashamed of you.

This is usually common when an individual dates someone who is, by conventional standards, more attractive than them. In reality, no one is out of anyone’s league, and everyone is attracted to someone. However, the more conventionally attractive partner in the relationship can feel embarrassed in public with their date, especially if their friends mock them in private about whom they’re dating. If you have experienced something similar, it’s best for you to leave that person behind. Never date someone who
thinks they’re too good for you, because the fact is they’re not, and you deserve someone who feels the same way about you.

Passion Is Inconsistent

It’s no surprise that
every relationship will have its ups and downs, but it may be surprising to some that those downs may have you feeling pretty miserable sometimes. This is common in long-term relationships, and it’s completely natural. At some point, you may feel like everything that your partner does annoy you, and it may seem like you’re not nearly as passionate about them as you always used to be.

However, this may be a phase, and it doesn’t mean that you’re falling out of love. Passion is naturally inconsistent, especially if you live with your partner under the same roof. If you’re losing passion for your long-term partner, wait a while before you make a final decision.

Even relationship counselors can’t have impeccable relationships with their partners, simply because they don’t exist. It’s natural for you or your partner to lose interest after a period of time, but only if you were never compatible in the first place. If you feel that your partner is losing interest, you should never suffocate them with more affection, as this is unlikely to impact their decision. That said, if you ever feel that your partner is ashamed of you, this is definitely a red flag that means your partner isn’t serious about your relationship.  


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