Home Decor Tips That Will Make You Feel Like a Celebrity



It’s a well-known fact that your environment can
affect your mood. So, if you’re the kind of person who likes being in the center of attention and feeling like a celebrity, you should have a home that reflects that part of your identity and helps you emphasize it. So, when people enter your home, they should feel like they are entering a five-star hotel. With that in mind, if you want your home to match your personality and lifestyle, here are a few décor tips that should help you achieve that.

The Star of Your Home


Nothing says glamour better than a gorgeous chandelier. The typical place for it would be in your living room, but you’re not aiming for anything typical, are you? So, think about hanging a beautiful chandelier in your kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom. Moreover, there are many different types of chandeliers, but the more it shines and sparkles, the more luxurious your home will look. Of course, you can never go wrong with a crystal chandelier, but anything metallic can do the trick.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Speaking of things that shine, mirrors are definitely something you should incorporate into your home. Besides being practical and helping you
look your best at all times, they also reflect light. This means that they can make your home brighter and livelier. Plus, they are perfect for making smaller spaces look bigger, so you don’t really need a big home in order for it to feel big. Also, they are very versatile, and they come in so many different shapes and sizes, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding mirrors that fit the kind of style you’re aiming for.

Layer It Up


If you are aiming for the appearance of a luxurious hotel, you should try to layer your textiles. For example, a few faux fur throws would look fantastic on a white sofa in your living room. You should also include plenty of pillows, as they add a certain dose of comfort to the overall appearance. Moreover, you can also layer the rugs and give your living room some character. That being said, sometimes, even one rug can be enough to personalize your space and make it more intriguing. For example, if you opt for one of the glamorous Turkish rugs
, you really wouldn’t need any other accessory on the floor of that room. Just make sure to match the style of the room to the style of the rug in order to achieve the best effect.

Glam up Your Bathroom


There are many things you can do with your bathroom to make it look more luxurious. For starters, you can get some quality soaps and shampoos, add a few scented candles, upgrade your showerhead, and include some fluffy towels. Sure, these things might cost you a bit more, but they are totally worth it considering how much more comfortable they’d make you feel. Also, don’t hesitate to include some greenery as well, as it can do wonders for the visual appeal of any room, including the bathroom.

Boost the Appearance of Your Entryway

Your entryway is the first and the last thing your guests would see, which is why you should make sure it leaves a positive impact. Luckily, this isn’t too hard to do. You just need to have a certain centerpiece or focal point that would draw the attention of your guests, represent a small dose of what they can expect from the rest of the home, and make the entryway look less empty. For example, you can add a small entryway table decorated with a lamp, some fresh flowers, and maybe a decorative bowl with random items like your keys, jewelry, etc.
You can also hang some artwork or a statement mirror on the wall above the table. Finally, if there’s any room left, you can even add a small chair or two that your guests can sit on when taking off their shoes.


If you feel like a celebrity, there’s no reason for your home not to show that. There are many ways in which you can glam it up and take the whole style of your home to the next level. So, when your friends come for a visit, they will feel like they are entering a luxurious hotel room of a celebrity. Moreover, you’re bound to feel more comfortable in an environment that reflects who you are inside. Therefore, consider the listed tips, apply the ones you like the most, and you’ll be enjoying your luxurious home in no time.

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