5 Ways to Boost Your Beauty Confidence



Beauty confidence is a fragile thing. It sometimes looks as if you’ve tried everything, but you still fail to see yourself as beautiful. You may feel disappointed over and over again. But giving up is the worst-case scenario. Follow some of these pieces of advice collected from people who have come a long way to get where all of us want to be –a place where they enjoy being beautiful just the way they are.

Wear makeup only for special occasions


If you don’t work on TV or in the modeling industry, there is absolutely no need for you to wear makeup every day. Your skin needs to breathe and get hydrated, which is impossible if it is covered with makeup all the time. Plus, putting makeup on each morning takes time from your daily routine which you can invest in making a healthy snack or going for a morning run. There is also a neat psychological effect that you get when taking the 
no-makeup look as a reference for your beauty confidence. When wearing makeup every day is a referent point, both you and the people around you won’t notice a change in your look unless you take the makeup off. If you put on makeup only for a special occasion people will notice a change and see you as even more beautiful without makeup once they discover you aren’t wearing it most of the time. 

Wear clothes you feel comfortable in 

If the last time you could fit into size 2 was 3 or more years ago, this is probably because you naturally outgrew this size and you won’t be able to fit in it ever again. However, there is no reason to feel bad about this, and you should never make your future beauty goals centered on your past looks. You can look beautiful in any size, as long as you feel it fits you well. Trying to fit into your high school dresses that just don’t fit you anymore isn’t going to help. Instead, donate your old clothes to someone who needs them, and grant yourself with a couple of new pieces that are just your size. The most beautiful girl is always the one who looks openly comfortable in her own skin. 

Exercise regularly


The key to regular exercise is consistency. Make an exercise plan which you can keep up with and which will include at least a 15-minute exercise session each day. This way you might not see the results as fast as you wish, but with a three-week routine, you will make exercising a habit, which is the main goal. Take out your 
best tights and a comfy top and you’re good to go. Working out with your friends also helps, since it is more fun to work out together, and it’s an opportunity to socialize as well. 

If you feel well – you look well 

A healthy diet is not just a matter of the future you, but the current you as well. If you start abandoning your unhealthy habits one by one, you will feel the changes within a couple of weeks. Focus mainly on the bad habits 
related to stress, since these are the ones that are most difficult to change. Starting a day with exercise and healthy breakfast will make you feel better and reward you with the most beautiful glow – the one of complacency. 

Love and respect yourself so that others can too


Although this might be a worn-out phrase, there is a reason why it is popular. If you truly find yourself beautiful when you look in the mirror, there is no way others will be immune to your charm. Be the person that leaves the best impression every time you walk into a room because all you need is a confident smile and a careless whisper. Always start with yourself. Remember that true beauty lies within, and not because the surface is not important, but because how you feel about yourself changes the way you look. 

Most importantly, don’t try to be perfect. If the perfect is the goal you set, then you will always be left disappointed. There is no such thing as perfection, but there is an ideal that you can achieve. Confidence increases more as you get closer to this point, so be persistent and patient. A little effort will go a long way.

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