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Interior design is just as tricky as fun it is. There is a lot to take care of when planning your home’s interiors. Every house has a personality of its own. This personality is built based on your home’s architecture and its interiors combined together.

If the interior design of your home does not complement the architectural style, it will end up looking half-hearted and shabby. That is definitely not something we want now, do we? A good architecture and design firm should be able to give you an interior design that perfectly fits your home’s architectural style. But if you want some ideas of your own to build upon, here are a few tips: 

Stick to a Consistent Theme

The biggest blunder that most homeowners do when looking for interior design ideas is wanting to do too many things at once. You may have seen homes with all the colors of the rainbow on their walls, all kinds of patterns on their upholstery, and various pieces of furniture that just don’t fit in together.

Unless your main theme is “random and haphazard”, this is not what you want your home to look like. Stick to a single theme. For instance, if your home’s architecture is composed of geometric structures and straight lines, you might want your interiors to look the same. This can be achieved by adding symmetric design elements like simple furniture with no curved or intricate designs.

If your architecture is more on the vintage side, you could keep the interiors aligned with it by adding some Victorian-era design to the interiors. If the entire look of the house is rustic and organic with a lot of wood or stonework, keep your interiors rustic as well. Add crude wooden furniture, earthy colors, stone flooring, and such.

Plan Well and Execute It Better

Another common problem is that people don’t realize where to start from or how to proceed with their interior design projects. If you are hiring an experienced architecture and design firm, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. But if you are taking things into your own hands, a well-structured plan is a necessary first step.

Plan what you want to do, which part of the house you want to start with, and make sure to stick to this plan during execution. Without a plan, you end up spending more time and money than you ideally should.

Here are a few styles that are in vogue and maybe a good fit for your home too.


For those who prefer ornamental and lavish homes, this is a great way to design your interiors. If your home architecture represents the bygone era with Victorian windows and palatial doors, a vintage interior would look regal. With large chandeliers in the living room, large stairways, antique furniture, and showpieces could make it look grand.

To tone it down a little and bridge the gap between your vintage designs and modern styles, you can keep the colors mellow. Statement décor pieces against whites, greys, and blues can give a very classy look overall.

Breezy and Cool

If your home’s architecture speaks of minimalism, so should your interiors. Keeping the home breezy, spacious, and minimal has its own sense of freshness. This look goes best with your house, if the architecture is simple, with lots of glass doors and windows that let ample sunlight in. The colors in this look are usually very cool, such as white with hints of surf green or sky blue.

Furniture needs to be simple and minimal. Use very few patterns, if any, on your upholstery. Keep some plants in simple planters, that are soothing to the eye. Use cotton and linen in pastel colors for your curtains, cushions, and such.

Spaces like these give the impression of vastness as well, so you would find your home to look a lot bigger.


Bohemian designs are meant to look free, cozy, and colorful. If that is your calling, make sure to do it right. For rustic architecture, a Bohemian interior design should include lots of colorful patterns, woven fabrics, texture, and more. You can choose what colors you want without making your home look too striking. As long as you sync all the design elements with the colors you pick, it should look the way you imagined it.

The Bohemian look is enhanced by using lots of soft woolen/ woven furnishing, rugs, rustic trinkets for wall décor, wooden finish on mantles, cabinets, and so on.


Modern-day architecture is all about planned spaces, integrated facilities, and marrying indoor living with outdoor living. For a contemporary home, the interiors should be equally chic. Imagine very utilitarian furniture, little or no ornamentation, asymmetry, bold color contrasts, geometric patterns, modern artwork as wall décor, and so on. Modern interior design is all about being clean, crisp, and clear about what you are trying to achieve.

Consult an Experienced Architecture and Design Firm

Half of your battle is won if you can find a good architecture and design firm. If you are looking for solutions for interior design in Miami, Kobi Karp Architecture and Design is here to help. From lavish commercial projects to quaint residential interiors, we have handled them all. You could see your home transform in front of your eyes too. 

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