Top Trending Interior Design Color Schemes of 2022



There are many interior design color schemes that you can choose from. With time, however, certain trends emerge. While furniture and décor have a prominent effect on your home, the color scheme is more important than you think. It can change the entire mood of the space if you make the right color choices. The following are some of the top interior design color schemes for 2022 that you can consider for your own home design.

Dark Earth Tones

From accent walls to furniture and upholstery, browns, tans, and other earthy colors will appear on a variety of surfaces. If you want to create a sense of back-to-nature themes in your home décor, this color scheme is ideal. Many have been looking to the trends of the late 60s and 70s for inspiration. Rusty oranges, mustard yellows, and gold finishes can look great with the more neutral earth tones.

Warm Linens and Whites

White is a classic color in interior design, but designers are leaning toward warm ivories over cool white tones. Warm linens and whites are a calming color scheme, ideal for creating a cozy and inviting home. Those who want to create a sense of warmth in their home will thoroughly enjoy this color scheme.

Natural Greens

It is designed to be the most appropriate color scheme for those who want to design a peaceful and relaxing environment in their homes. Natural greens are not just about the color, but also about the textures and materials you choose for your home. To create a more organic feel in your home, use natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal. If you like to stick neutrals on the walls, you can experiment with color using things like Decoberry curtains or decorative throw pillows. 

Bright Yellows

Yellow is a trending color in interior design. You can use this primary color to brighten up your home and make it feel more inviting. This color is often associated with happiness, which is why it’s so popular in interior design. It’s a unique color that brings attention to certain areas of any room.

Muted Grays

Grays are a popular color scheme for interior design. If you are looking to create a calm and serene atmosphere inside your home, they are an excellent choice. The color scheme is composed of shades of gray, beige, and brown. Often, these colors are combined with white or black to create an elegant look.

Reimagined Blues

Taking the traditional blues and reimagining it is the idea behind this trend. The color is a mix of blue and green or hints of purple and pink. For those who wish to create a calming atmosphere in their home, this color scheme is ideal.

Color schemes for 2022 will be more modern and primary. They will be more vibrant and bolder, reminiscent of the earth, sun, and sky. Previous years have featured pastel colors like pink and mint green which prevailed because they complemented mid-century décor and furnishings. Now the industry is seeing a shift toward the bold and brilliant.


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