How a Divorce Support Group Can Help You Cope



Going through a divorce is often stressful. Many challenges need to be navigated, including issues related to the home and other shared assets, any children the couple has, and finances in general. While some people feel the need to withdraw from friends and family while they figure things out, it can be helpful to join a divorce support group for encouragement. A support group can help those going through the process in many ways. Read on to see how attending one of these support groups can help you cope with your divorce.

Shared Experiences

When a couple breaks up, it is typically painful and difficult on some level, even when both parties strive to make the process amicable. Participating in a divorce support group will bring you into contact with others who have gone through or are currently negotiating a divorce settlement. The awareness that you are not alone can be somewhat comforting. Hearing other divorcees’ stories of survival and rebuilding their lives may be a source of hope. Additionally, if your divorce is not going well, you can hear the stories and advice from others on how to navigate the difficult areas. They may also be able to point you to additional resources that can help you.

Understanding and Support

Meeting others who know what you are going through enables you to fit into a group that understands to some degree your situation, unlike those who have never been through it. You may make new friends with whom you can exchange advice or services, like choosing a school for the kids or babysitting. Learning how to adjust to a new single lifestyle may be easier with the support of people who can answer questions and provide support if needed. If nothing else, a support group gives you a few shoulders you can lean on and cry on.

Practical Assistance

Simple but unfamiliar guidance could be found in a support group. For example, what to expect during a court hearing or how to prepare an inventory of shared possessions to be divided equitably may come in handy. Learning how to be an effective single parent is one of the key issues many newly-divorced people are concerned with, and a support group might include members who can offer insight and assistance based on their personal experiences.


Financial concerns are one of the biggest challenges of going through a divorce. Members of a support group may be willing to share their knowledge about how to live on a tighter budget while single or which household items may be worth negotiating. Alimony and child support are important considerations for which members may have the advice to share. At least getting a second or third opinion may be enlightening in terms of finding your way through the maze of divorce proceedings.

Getting divorced doesn’t have to be a lonely, confusing event. Meeting with others in a group setting who have gone through similar situations may help to alleviate some of the potential struggles. Consider finding a local divorce support group to help you get through this tough and trying time.


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