How to Bring Home Travel Souvenirs That Won’t Fit in a Suitcase



You’re on a vacation and come across a souvenir you must have. However, it’s just too large to fit into your luggage. It might be a piece of antique furniture, a framed work of art, or a musical instrument. What do you do? Here are a few ways you can get your souvenir home.

We’ve all been there. You are far from home and you are on a vacation when you find something you must simply bring home with you. You may find yourself at the world-famous Vegas shops, Disney Springs, or faraway in Paris. Shopping is usually associated with travel.  You will want to make sure that it is taken care of no matter if it’s a piece of local art, furniture, or a musical instrument.

Should You Get It?

When you are traveling and find that special something that will make your house a home it’s hard to think about anything else. Chances are such a large item that you can’t take in the airplane is one of a kind. If this is something you can find online and have them ship to your home then it will save you precious vacation time to figure it out yourself. You can ask the store owner if they will ship it to you.

If you will have to buy it and figure out shipping yourself you should consider that the shipping may cost as much as the item, depending on where you are traveling. If you will have to buy the item and find a shipping carrier yourself chances are that international air shipping will be very costly if you do it yourself. This may be too much of a cost for everyone, but if you can write it off in your taxes as a business owner for your art collection or parade of homes then it may be worth the special interest.

Pack It With Care

The item is going to be traveling quite a distance. It needs to be packed properly to ensure it arrives in the same condition it left in. Careful packing is essential.

Framed artwork needs to be in a rigid, flat container that will protect the art and the frame. Furniture pieces need to be enclosed in soft, padded materials to prevent dents and scratches. Musical instruments should travel in their own cases if possible. If not, they should be enclosed in a shipping container with firm packing materials.

Collection and Delivery

With the item packed properly and the transportation service selected, the only things you need to worry about our collection and delivery. The transportation company will pick up the item at the point you designate. Then, transport it to the place where you want it delivered.

You will need to have someone present when the item arrives at its destination. That person should inspect the item to make sure it arrived safely. When you see a special souvenir on your travels, don’t hesitate just because it won’t fit in your luggage. You can have it sent back home. In fact, it might arrive home before you do.

Select a Transportation Service

Someone will need to transport the item to you. You can go with a standard commercial delivery company like UPS or FedEx. However, these companies focus on speed and efficiency. They may not take care of keeping your item safe.

You could hire a moving company to take the item across the country. The issue with this option is your item would be just one of many. It could be easily lost or damaged during transport.

A safer option is a domestic shipping company that specializes in moving delicate items. You get Nationwide White Glove Delivery Service from curbside to delivery. The item goes on a highly secured truck that uses air ride for smooth travel. You can track the shipment. Plus, you have the option of expedited delivery if that’s what you want. When selecting a packing company that works internationally you’ll be able to make sure that your valuables are not ruined through airport security.

When you go on vacation you want to spend the precious PTO on relaxing. Don’t spend your downtime worrying about logistics. That’s why planning ahead will help you have a smooth voyage.
Remember to make the most out of your time with your loved ones and focus on making memories. You will never know when you get to travel to that destination again.


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