How to Find a New Home When Dealing with Severe Anxiety or PTSD



Buying a new home can be stressful for anyone, but certain mental health issues can make the experience much more difficult. Speaking to real estate agents and looking at different houses can be difficult if you are struggling with anxiety or PTSD. Both anxiety and PTSD can be crippling mental health disorders. It may seem like you just can’t face the thought of dealing with a realtor, meeting homeowners, and everything else required to buy a new home. Fortunately, you’re not alone. There are many tips that people suffering from PTSD and severe anxiety have found that help them purchase a new home with ease. If you are struggling with the home finding or buying process due to anxiety or PTSD, then these tips can help you as well.

Start With Therapy

First, it’s important to start with therapy, preferably with a therapist or health provider you have already been introduced to. Before you jump into the home buying process, it’s a good idea to speak with a mental health therapist to prepare yourself. Speaking to a therapist can do wonders for lowering your panic levels about the idea of finding a new home. It’s important to note that everybody gets anxious when it comes to a new home purchase. While you may feel more anxious than others, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go through with it. Your talk therapist can assist you in mentally preparing for the buying process.

Ask Others for Anxiety-Friendly Agents Recommendations

Other individuals can be a great resource when it comes to finding a
real estate agent that will be respectful of your situation. If you currently participate in counseling groups, then ask others who go to your groups for a recommendation. They can give you the scoop on who they have used or people they’re familiar with who can be an asset in the process and not a fear.

Realize a Lot Can Be Done Online

With advancements in technology, a large portion of the home buying process can be completed online. From the initial looking at homes to signing of contracts, there isn’t much that you’ll need to do in person. The two main things are going to be the showings and being at the closing table. Just knowing this fact can help to alleviate some of the anxiety that comes along with a home purchase.

Have a Friend Accompany You

When it comes time for in-person visits for showings and, eventually, the closing table, take a friend along to ease the burden. This could be your significant other, close friend, or even your therapist. Having someone on your side when undergoing showings can help to alleviate some of your nerves regarding the situation.

When it comes to severe anxiety and PTSD, it may seem like some things in the world are just not possible. The truth is that anything you want to do is possible as long as you have the right tactics to approach it. The above four tips should assist you along your journey of finding a new home with ease.

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