What to Wear to Your First Mosh Pit



Mosh pits are one of life’s simple pleasures. While an outsider may find the idea of moshing to be potentially violent, every live music-loving concert goer understands just how exciting mosh pits can be. With the right clothes and awareness of your surroundings, moshing may become your new favorite hobby. Read on to learn four ideas for what to wear to your next mosh pit.

Lace-Up Your Boots

If you’re going out to a concert where you plan to mosh, you’ll need to take your footwear very seriously. While sandals may cut it at a singer-songwriter show, this type of shoe isn’t appropriate or safe when moshing. If you’re planning to push, stomp on the floor, and flail your limbs around, the best shoe to wear is a boot or other strong, closed-toed shoes.

In addition to making a serious fashion statement, boots help to protect your feet from getting stepped on. With combat boots, your toes will have protection while you stomp and push the night away.

Wear Something Comfortable

Moshing all night can get pretty hot if you’re wearing an outfit with several layers. Instead, you should consider wearing an outfit you’ll be comfortable in. Wearing 80s graphic tees are a great way to fit in with the music scene while giving yourself ample room to mosh and dance. Moreover, wearing your favorite vintage tee is a great way to start a conversation with other music lovers. Whether you want to represent your interests or just have a fun conversation starter to help you find your fellow fans, old fashioned graphics are always in style at a mosh pit.

Keep Your Hair Out of the Way

When getting ready to spend the night moshing, it’s important to consider wearing a hairstyle that will give you the most freedom as you move about. As moshing requires you to get close to others to push them back and forth, it’s essential that your hairstyle allows you to see properly. Likewise, you want to avoid the chance of getting your hair tangled in someone’s limbs. For this reason, higher hairstyles like buns or ponytails are the best option for any of your future moshing endeavors.

Have Ample Pockets

Wearing anything like a purse or a backpack in a mosh pit can be dangerous for both you and the bag. With this in mind, wearing something that already has pockets is a great way to carry your essentials like money and your I.D. Consider wearing pants, shorts, or something in between with secure pockets. If your outfit has no pockets, don’t worry. Bringing a fanny pack, a pocketed runner’s belt, or a similar accessory can help you keep your belongings close to your body at all times.

Moshing is an under-appreciated art. With the right music, attitude, and carefully-considered clothes, moshing can be an incredibly fun experience. Of course, any mosh pit is more fun when you go in a group. Take friends along with you and you’ll have the greatest concert experience of your life.


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