You Deserve It: How to Fight Off Your Quarantine Blues



Most people have to be stuck at home during a pandemic. As they suffer from debilitating illnesses and worry about their finances, they have to deal with idleness and boredom. A quarantine is expected to last for several months. During this time, look at a handful of ways to cure your blues.

Read a Novel

Reading fiction helps people escape the reality of their own lives. A good, optimistic story leaves out the brutal facts of pandemics, deaths, job layoffs. etc. In contrast, a tragic story can be cathartic and thought-provoking. It can help you understand and contextualize what you or your loved ones are going through. Multiple companies have offered free e-books or audiobooks. That can be a great place to start. Reading is a form of relaxation and a calm activity to keep you from constantly being on edge.

Watch Videos

Watch films and short videos about issues that don’t involve diseases, pandemic, and quarantines. Similarly to books, many companies have offered free movies during the pandemic. Try a week’s free trial of a streaming service and see if you want to keep it going. Another option is to watch videos of pandemics that happened in the past. It’s good to compare and contrast the effects of each pandemic. Find out how each pandemic ended and how life was able to return to normal.

Join a Club

A champagne club enhances the experience of solo or social drinking. Modern champagne clubs are convenient with many being operated in person, online, or through the mail. All you need is a mailing address and a few dollars per month for membership fees. Members can choose the types of champagne they want and receive shipments once or twice a month. They also receive discounts and special offers that are not provided at regular stores.

Improve a Skill

Think of a skill or hobby that you’ve started but have not had time or energy to master. Otherwise, take on a new skill, and set goals that are realistic and timely. You want an activity that you can realistically master and that will keep your interest for many years and long after the quarantine ends. Don’t worry about being productive. This is a stressful time! Instead, do things that help you feel content and joyful.

Try Different Forms of Therapy

Try one or more different forms of relaxation therapy. Aromatherapy is the art and science of using scents to cure disease and improve mental health. The main emphasis is on the use of essential oils that are released as vapors into the air. Some people refer to these treatments as pseudoscience; however, many people attest to the effectiveness of using scents, meditation, and similar techniques.

As you face a quarantine, one of the biggest questions that you’ll ask yourself is “when will it end?” Before you ask that question, develop a bigger plan of how you’ll survive regardless of how long the problem lasts. If it lasts for longer than a few months, extend your plan for the rest of the year. Remain active and patient throughout the whole ordeal.


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