How to Pick the Right Clothes for Your Body Type



Shopping is considered to be every woman’s favorite thing to do. And, in theory, and particularly when money is no issue, it’s a piece of cake – you see it, you like, you get it. However, the reality is far from this. There are different body types, and the key is to find the most flattering clothes for your shape, which isn’t always easy. Before spending money on pieces that don’t truly do your body justice, determine what’s your body type. Once you have a good understanding of your body’s advantages and disadvantages, you’ll be able to dress accordingly and celebrate your favorite features. Below, we listed the five most common body types and dressing tips for each, to help you embrace and show off your body with appropriate clothing.

1. For an Apple-Shaped Body

The apple body type is also known as circle and typically recognized for being tick around the middle. Women with an apple body type have slim legs and thighs with a wider upper body and rounder mid-section. The trick is to distract from the mid-section by emphasizing your shoulders and hips. The off-the-shoulder style is back and perfect for creating the illusion of more width in this area and thus making the waist appear narrower. If you’re apple-shaped, avoid thick belts clinched around your midsection and instead look for pieces like a deep V-neck or sash belt slung low on your hips.

2. For a Pear-Shaped Body

If your bottom and top size do not coordinate, you’ll know you’re a pear. For a pear shape, or also known as the triangle body type, with torso narrower than the hips, there are clear no-nos. Shapeless, oversize sweaters, skinny jeans, and light pants should be avoided, as well as flimsy, curve-hugging fabric in general. Instead, go for an A-line skirt and puff sleeves or bateau neckline to make your shoulders appear bigger and hence your whole body more proportional. Your dress shouldn’t be shorter than an inch above the knee, and your bottoms should always be darker than your top. You can also highlight your upper body part with colorful jewelry, pashmina or scarf.

3. For a Rectangular Body Shape

The rectangular body shape can be also identified as athletic or slender body type, with a rectangular-like figure and few curves. Good news is that this body shape is easy to recognize and even easier to modify with the right clothing style. Just like Sara Jessica Parker, you’ll want designs which subtly hug the hips and bust with a narrowed waist for creating an illusion of a curvaceous shape. With the right dress, it is easy to add a few gentle curves and transform into the desired hourglass shape. Browse the online dress stores and pick those with asymmetric detailing, flared tail, or sexy floral patterns and prints, to accentuate a slender waist. For an everyday outfit, go for high-waisted bottoms, and underwear that provides good breast support.

4. For an Hourglass Shape

Remember that there is no perfect body type, but if you fall under the category of the hourglass shape, you’re lucky – this is a very desirable body type and usually the easiest to dress. Thanks to a naturally proportioned feminine shape, women with an hourglass body shape look gorgeous in figure-hugging styles. Over-sized styles usually drown out the curves and hence are not the right choice.

5. For a Petite Body Type

Petite shapes are exactly that – petite. These often refer to women shorter in stature and with a very slim, short upper half. To make the best out of this body type, look for single-tone dresses which draw the attention to the entire length of the gown, elongating your silhouette, instead of breaking up your body shape. You want to show off your slim legs, so another flattering option is shorter dresses with a higher belted waist which create the illusion of longer legs.

In order to make the best of your beautiful body, you need to understand and embrace your body type and dress accordingly. Going shopping and getting dressed is a lot easier when you’re familiar with what pieces work best for you. Take note of the tips above and find the most flattering clothes for your shape.


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