Downsizing Your Christmas Gathering This Year? How to Still Make It Special



Christmas is going to be different this year. In order to keep our family members safe, the wise choice would be to downsize our Christmas gatherings and avoid travel if possible. This doesn’t mean that the holidays have to be blue. A small Christmas party can still be memorable if organized well. The love of a family prevails over any virus, and even if you can only celebrate the day with your immediate family, you can make it a warmer gathering than if it had dozens of people. Here are some simple ways for you to make a small Christmas gathering merry and bright.

Reminisce on Past Gatherings

During this year’s Christmas gathering, pass around mugs of hot chocolate and sit by the hearth, remembering Christmases past. This year might feel different, but we need not be melancholy. Memories of other Christmases trigger laughter and nostalgia. Dig up some old pictures and home videos to watch and feel closer together. These comforting feelings will make a small gathering more powerful than a huge party.

Video Chat With Family

Many programs now exist that enable us to make video calls with family members in other parts of the world. You can organize a large video conference with relatives who are far away and share a glass of wine – a toast raised across the world. Virtual meetings can feel just like being with your family in person. 

Provide Tasty Snacks

Any party, even a small one, can be a success – depending on the snacks provided. The holidays are a time for binge-eating fudge and cookies. Set the table with all sorts of scrumptious treats and invite your guests to take as many as they want. Don’t forget the sparkling cider!

Play Games

On Christmas Day, even the grown-ups should have childlike joy. Bring out the board games and fight over popcorn as your small group of guests indulge in friendly holiday competition. That will make for a Christmas to be remembered, no matter how many – or how few – people were present. You can even include your long-distance family members. There are many resources for online games or you can choose one to play over video chat. 

Make the Decorations Special

It might seem like decorating is a waste if none of your relatives will see it, but decorations will bring in the holiday spirit. Find some wholesale Christmas crackers or other types of party favors to make it extra memorable. Bring out your fanciest dinnerware and wine glasses. Make this Christmas gathering special and stand-out by using decorations you otherwise wouldn’t. 

One day your Christmas gathering will once more bring the whole family together, but this year we should keep our loved ones safe. Sacrificing the big party now will ensure that everyone can attend in the years to come.

Until then, don’t deprive yourself of the celebration and fun. Things might be different, but there is still much to be thankful for. A small Christmas gathering will remind us that we are not alone, no matter where our loved ones are.


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